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Bulgaria for pensioners

Many Russians after retirement decide to move to Bulgaria. This is quite a reasonable choice: a healthy climate, proximity to the sea and healing springs, beautiful nature, relatively low prices, stable political situation. In short, Bulgaria today is one of the most attractive states for a life and for an investment. However, every immigrant of retirement age are interested in the question, is it possible to get Russian pensions in Bulgaria, and how it can be done.

Many immigrants from Russia already faced with the inability to pay or to take out the money from social card of the Sberbank of Russia in Bulgaria. Unfortunately, this is impossible these cards are not serviced outside Russia.

What should be taken care of before moving to Bulgaria to receive pension payments outside of Russia?

The easiest way to organize the receipt of a pension in Bulgaria is to ask a trusted person at the home. This person can get a pension and send it to you in Bulgaria in any convenient way. For it you have to leave a power of attorney that must be notarized.

Another way is to get an international card, for example Visa or MasterCard in the Sberbank and transfer the money from social card via the internet banking. In the future, the international card can be used anywhere in the Bulgarian shops or to withdraw cash in ATMs in Bulgaria. This method has a couple of drawbacks. First, the card will have to change after the end of the term. Second, for withdrawal of funds in a foreign bank you will have to pay a certain fee. You can minimize expenses by using cards of the banks with branches in Bulgaria (e.g. UniCredit).

There is also the possibility to transfer personal funds to your own account in a Bulgarian bank. But this is fraught with difficulties. According to Russian law, every resident of Russia shall, within one month after opening the account in a foreign bank to notify the tax authorities at home. The certified copy by a tax service of this notice is required to transfer money from your Russian account to your account in a foreign bank. But such transfer can be once only, for example, to transfer your savings to your account in a Bulgarian bank, but for regular transfers of pensions, this method will not work. You can also transfer money to other residents of Bulgaria – in this case the restrictions will affect only a daily transfer amount.

With regard to official transfer a pension, you can get it in Bulgaria, but this procedure is quite complex. To start you have to get acquainted with the changes of procedure for payment of pensions to persons who move for a permanent residence outside the Russian Federation. The changes, published in the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation dated June 09, 2014 No. 527, refer to the article 24 of the Law on pensions.

The paragraph 1 of this article has not changed. This paragraph establishes the right to payment of labour pension in advance before leaving for half a year forward for persons which move outside of the Russian Federation. To do this, you have to submit a corresponding application to the pension fund and the documents to confirm the scheduled departure to the permanent residence.

According to the paragraph 2 of the article 24 in the territory of the Russian Federation the amount of a pension may be paid in rubles, but outside the country it is converted into a currency at the exchange rate.

The changes relate to the paragraphs 3 and 4 of the article 24 of the Law on pensions. So, now a competent foreign institution has not the right to indicate the place a residence of a citizen of the Russian Federation. A document about the date of departure of the pensioner abroad may only be issued by foreign institution of the Russian Foreign Ministry, and in this connection you need to provide a proof the place of residence abroad.

The pension is being transferred from Russia to Bulgaria through the National Social Security Institute (NOI), as foreseen by the agreement on the social security between Russia and Bulgaria.

First of all, you need to provide a package of documents to the pension fund of the Russian Federation, including:

  • The statement of the moving from the Russian Federation;

  • A certificate of execution (non-execution) of a paid job outside the Russian Federation;

  • A certificate confirming permanent residence in Bulgaria;

  • Notification to the Russian tax authorities on the presence an account in a Bulgarian bank;

  • A certificate of confirming that a person is alive.

In addition, in the future each year a pensioner must attest to the fact that he (she) is alive, personally appeared in a diplomatic representation or in the Consulate of the Russian Federation. These bodies pass the certificate of availability of a citizen alive through the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the pension fund. If the pensioner did not appear on time for preparation of the certificate, the pension payment will be suspended.

The pension payments to immigrants in Bulgaria are paid in BGN once every three months, the term of transfer may take up to six months.

This option of receiving the pension is ill-suited to those who are not planning to stay in Bulgaria without a break, starring with registration in Russia. So pensioners often choose more simple solutions have been presented above.

The majority of Russians the question of a pension does not seem terrible, because pensioners can get a residence permit and a permanent residence in Bulgaria by the most simple, legitimate and low-cost way. Of course, you can always go back to Russia, but most immigrants don’t regret about moving: they swim in the sea, walking in the mountains, enjoying the fresh air and enjoy life.

Welcome to the pension in Bulgaria!