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Eurofinancing in Bulgaria

Financial assistance to Bulgaria from the European Union is provided in a variety of ways. Accordingly, the requirements and conditions of financing are different. Receive our firm consulting assistance aims to assist in the implementation of your investment intentions. Professional experts will help make and implement your proposals. For specific information, please contact us through the «Contact Us».
Here we want to introduce a little bit with one of the most popular areas of grant funding, which is used company in Bulgaria

Interesting business opportunities or develop of the rural tourism for the EU money

Any Bulgarian company (OOD or EOOD), the founders of which can be foreign nationals, can apply for the Eurofunding.

The minimum cost of a project can be 10,000 euros, and a maximum of 600 thousand euros. The amount of a free aid from the EU can be to 75% of the total expenses, but not more than 200 thousand. Thus…