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Can one come to Bulgaria for Schengen visa and how can you stay in the country?

In Bulgaria, you can enter only by double-entry or multiple Schengen visa (impossible for a single). It’s not allowed to stay in the country more than 90 days in half a year.

What is the document confirming the payment of tax on property of foreigners in Bulgaria, and where can I get it?

This is the  receipt of payment of property tax for the previous year, which is issued in the mayor’s office in the department of «local Danzi and taxis.» It specifies the address of the property, the date of payment, amount, name of the owner and the purpose of the payment. Instead of a receipt, you can also obtain a certificate of no debt issued by the City, where the property is located.

See if they check the contract of employment of the apartment for a visa D?

Usually they check the mere fillinf of the address, but in the event of any issues Migration Service can verify directly the very shelter, ask questions of the neighbors,if you really rent an apartment. It is best to contact the owner of the apartment.

I got a D visa and residence permits on the basis of an employment contract. If the contract is terminated prematurely, do I lose the right to a residence permit? What are the consequences of my further stay in the country may be?

Yes, you lose the grounds for a residence permit. In the event of termination of employment with your employer is obliged to inform the Migration Service and the Ministry of Labour and social.politics of RB to gave the issue of your permit to be revoked.

In such circumstances, it is usually given on a voluntary leaving of the country. In case of violation of departure, your stay in the country is considered to be illegal and may result in a ban on entry to the EU for at least 5 years.

I was offered be a foreign company representative for very cheap. I don’t  personally know the owners. What are the «pitfalls»? If the firm is closed, for example, will there not be any problems with my residence permit?

Your fears are justified. Although the office is created, as a rule, to obtain a formal residence permit, but if the company suddenly gets closed down during your stay in Bulgaria, its owners are required to close the representation. Accordingly, in this case, you are no longer authorized representative and your staying in the country is without a reason. If this fact turns out, you can not only be forbidden to entry Bulgaria, but also all EU countries for at least 5 years. We fit only the representatives of their companies or firms of proven partners, and only  guarantee of a job for a specified period.