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Immigrant Visa D

   Visa D — immigrant visa which is issued for the subsequent registration of a prolonged (permit) or permanent (permanent) stay in Bulgaria. Visa D can be issued by diplomatic and consular missions of Bulgaria for a period of 180 days with unlimited number of entries and exits.

To receive a visa D one should have enough grounds for a residence permit or permanent residence in Bulgaria, such as: for pensioners, running of  trade representative foreign company, university studies in Bulgaria, a family reunion with the resident of Bulgaria, a company in Bulgaria providing jobs for 10 Bulgarian citizens and others.

The list of documents for visa D:

 — Profile and two photos;

— A passport valid for at least 18 months (the original and a copy of the 1st page);

— A document confirming the provision of housing for the period of stay (ownership or lease);

— Proof of financial security for the period of your stay (bank inquiry of Bulgaria, or a bank with its branches in Bulgaria);

— Health insurance (you can arrange it with us);

— Inquiry on the absence or presence of previous conviction (with translation and legalization);

In addition, depending on the reason for visa D, additional documents are required:

— The document on registration of the trade mission of the foreign company in Bulgaria (BCCI decision and a certificate BULSTAT) certificate BCCI.

— A document certifying pensions for the last three months, issued by the relevant authority of pensions;

and etc.

         To obtain a permit for an extended period (residence permit) or permanent (permanent) stay in Bulgaria you need to come to the country on a visa D, and apply to the migration service ISI in the community.

          For any questions D visa, residence permit, etc.. You can contact us through the «Contact Us«. Our advice for you for free!