The Bulgarian law on foreigners: what changes are coming?

It recently became known that are planning to make changes in the Law on foreigners in Bulgaria. It is anticipated that these changes will affect those who receive a residence permit in Bulgaria as the representative of a foreign company or as the owner of the company which land a job 10 citizens of the country.

In particular offered the following additions:

  • The owners of Bulgarian companies will have to create 10 jobs for Bulgarian citizens on each founder (not for the company, as it was previously) for all the duration of their stay, and only full employment (this requirement previously was not there).

  • Registration of representative offices of foreign companies will be implemented only after the international study of origin of capital, activity, turnover and reputation of the company. How it will happen until quite clear. In all likelihood, a study of the activities of foreign companies will deal the Bulgarian chamber of commerce and industry (BCCI), and for the registration of representative offices will be required to provide of any new documents concerning the activities of the head office.

Pensioners will receive a residence permit, as before. Changes also should not touch the people claim for the stay in Bulgaria on the basis of the «Family reunification».

When can we expect changes?

The proposal on amendments to the law was first published on October 9, 2015. After approval in the Council of Ministers the draft of the law will be published on the website of the Government of Bulgaria, and then considered by the Parliament. Changes in the law can be accepted not earlier than at the end of this year.

At the moment it is impossible to say whether the proposed amendments will be moved to the Law. Because the proposed wording is somewhat vague, it is likely that amendments will be seemed quite differently than in the Proposal. It is also unclear which authority will carry out verification of foreign companies, as these checks will be held, how long they will take and what additional documents will be needed for their implementation. Information on this account yet, only assumptions and guesswork.

However, those who have already made the decision to move to Bulgaria should hurry to get a residence permit until the law has not changed, to avoid possible difficulties and financial costs after the law was changed.