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Bulgaria — one of the most welcoming of European countries. These multi-numeral resorts, wonderful nature, mild climate, the relative stability of the political and economic spheres, almost never used chemical farming, the production of the relevant European standards and the benefits of participating in the EU. Emerging market countries are currently attractive to investors and businessmen.

On our site you will find a lot of information that can help you to learn and to love Bulgaria, as once we did. This site is designed especifically to help you, for those who like to relax, live or conduct their business in Bulgaria.

With our team Bulgaria will become clear nearer to you!

Thanks to understanding the features of the Bulgarian legislation and constant monitoring, knowing the mentality of local people, we can provide you with the most relevant and reliable information, as well as to answer most of your questions about Bulgaria.

We provide services such as a residence permit (permit), the opening of trade offices of foreign companies in Bulgaria (as a rule for a residence permit), assistance in obtaining residence permits for pensioners and students, company registration, accounting services and accounting, assistance in the selection and registration real estate purchase, cars and more.

One of the main advantages of our company is that it was created by Bulgarian citizens who authentically know the laws of their country.

We’ll always advise you what you can do yourself.

For you, our consultations are always free!

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