Eurofinancing in bulgaria

Interesting business opportunities or develop of the rural tourism for the EU money

The tourist industry of Bulgaria is developing constantly. But now the rural tourism has become a priority direction of the development, but not the construction of hotels on the coast or in the mountains, i.e. in areas traditionally attracting tourists. This type of the relaxation is often underestimated. For many, the holiday is associated with a beach or a mountain skiing, however, there are other opportunities to relax and gain strength. The rural tourism is steadily coming into a fashion – inhabitants of big cities try to get in touch with the nature, and the presence of the sea is not as important to them as the crystal-clear air, green gardens and woods, and the fragrance of the flowers growing around.

The rural tourism is not only a chance for a good rest. It is also an opportunity to earn with the minimal risk and maximum benefit. Let’s learn more about this opportunity.

The European Union offers a number of programs for the gratuitous financing of business projects in Bulgaria. It makes a life easier for businessmen who do not have adequate amounts for implementing their ideas. At the moment it is expected the opening of the reception of project proposals for programme 6.4 «Investments to support non-agricultural activities» of the Programme for the rural development 2014-2020″.

Perhaps this is one of the most interesting and affordable areas of the funding that is accessible even for a new company, registered in the respective district of Bulgaria.

For example, for those who want to develop the rural tourism in Bulgaria, it is enough to invest in the project only part of the funds and to properly execute documents. Up to 75% of the amount needed for the project (in this case, for the construction and arrangement of the guest house) will give the European Union. Thus, it is possible to organize a business of the guest house which will be profitable for many years by investing in this project four times less money than you need.

Who can get this aid?

Any Bulgarian company (OOD or EOOD), the founders of which can be foreign nationals, can apply for the Eurofunding.

The minimum cost of a project can be 10,000 euros, and a maximum of 600 thousand euros. The amount of a free aid from the EU can be to 75% of the total expenses, but not more than 200 thousand. Thus, the optimal cost of the project is 267 thousand, of which 67 thousand you will need to invest of your own, and the remaining 200 thousand will be covered by the Eurofunding. It is possible an advance payment of the approved financial aid (up to 50% of the total).

You need to provide a project that will meet a few conditions to receive assistance from the EU. First of all, the funding by the programme of the rural development aimed at:

  • The development of the rural tourism (guest houses, tourist services in rural areas) in certain regions, where the mass tourism is not developed enough (Sozopol, Primorsko, Samokov, Bansko, Nessebar, Balchik) and outside of the resort complexes (RC) (RC «Albena» of the Balchik municipality; holiday village «Elenite» from the Nessebar municipality; holiday village «Duni» from the Sozopol municipality, the RC «International Youth Centre – Primorsko» form the Primorsko municipality; RC «Pamporovo» from the Chepelare municipality; RC «Borovets» from the Samokov municipality).

Specifically, for example, it is impossible in «Sunny beach», but possible in «Saint Vlas»; it is impossible in «Nesebyr», but possible near in «Ravda» etc.

  • The development of services in different sectors (a care for children and the elderly, medical services, the veterinary medicine, IT services, an accounting, an audit and others).

  • The production of the energy from alternative (renewable) sources.

  • The development of crafts (including the participation of tourists in activities of craftsmen).

  • Other non-agricultural activities.

Under the program funded by such expenditures as:

  • An acquisition, construction or improvement of the real property in a rural area.

  • An acquisition (including a leasing) of the machinery and equipment, including computer programs.

  • The costs associated with the first two points, for example, a payment for services of designers, architects, consultants for environmental and economic sustainability and technical feasibility of the project (up to 12% of the total cost, including 5% for the development of a business plan and the project management in the future).

  • Intangible investments: acquisition of patents, licenses, copyrights, buy and creation of the computer software.

How to obtain free aid from the European Union?

Our financial experts know the answer to this question. We will help you to realize your daring ideas in the field of the rural tourism in Bulgaria and will even assist in choosing land for your projects. We offer you the full support of the project at stages of its preparation and implementation, and if necessary the financial control and management of the project. The formula is simple: your desire to invest and earn plus our experience and thorough knowledge of the Bulgarian legislation.

What you need to do?

The algorithm for obtaining EU free funding of the project has been developed. Many investors have already managed to start their own business with the support of the European Union. What you need to do?

  • It is recommended to engage a consultant to coordinate the project as early as possible, starting from the early stages.

  • First you need to get land in the regulation.

  • The next step is to search for a company that will act as a candidate. It is desirable that the company existed for at least three years, and the owner had education or work experience in the tourism or the management.

  • The land and an estate located on it are given to the company.

  • Next, the designer or architect comes into operation. Their task is preparation of the technical design and assistance in obtaining the permission for the erection of buildings.

  • You may also need to involve a technologist for the preparation of the technological project, if such need arises.

  • You will need to notify the Regional Inspectorate on environment and waters about the investment intention. At the same time you have to submit the technical project to the community to receive permission for the erection of buildings.

  • Now you can choose a builder who will prepare a proposal for the construction works on the project basis.

  • After that you can proceed to the selection of suppliers of the furniture and equipment that are necessary for a family hotel or a guest house.

  • And the last step is to prepare by a consultant a business plan, where substantiated the economic benefit from implementation of the proposed investment project. At the same time, the consultant prepares a statement of the State Fund «Agriculture» and the documents that should be attached to it.

Advantages in the selection

First of all, projects that include investments in the development of the «Green economy», innovation and/or development of the rural, cultural and eco-tourism can count on the support.

The maximum chance of obtaining the financial support for projects which:

  • Prepared by candidates which have an experience or a specialized education in this field.

  • Prepared by candidates who are engaged in similar activities for at least three years.

  • Developed by the candidates who meet the criteria specified in the article entitled «The initial support for non-agricultural activities».

  • Will be implemented in certain areas of the country (at poorest regions – the North and the North-West of Bulgaria).

  • Associated with the tobacco production.

  • Are relevant to the areas that are stimulated according to the National strategy for the promotion of the small and medium-sized businesses (information technology, manufacture of metal products, vehicles, optics, electronics and polygraphic industry).

  • Will create new jobs; have a high added value, involve a production activity.

We will help you with an evaluation of your investment project and its chances for the successful obtaining of the Eurofunding, we point out the «weak» points of the project, define the necessary measures to deal with potential problems, help the preparation of the documentation.

Please contact us convenient for you, through the «Contact Us» section.