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My dear colleagues, partners, clients and friends! Best wishes for the coming winter holidays — Christmas and New Year!

2019 was not easy, but the difficulties only strengthened us and made us even stronger. We tried to prepare in time for all changes in the Bulgarian legislation and to help you to react in time so that there will be no problems in doing business in Bulgaria or moving here. Thank you for trusting us.

Let us all have time and incentive in 2020 to do everything we probably didn’t have time for in 2019 and even more! Let creative ideas come, desire for development and a lot of energy to reach new heights and the most courageous goals!

We wish each of you a home-like coziness and warmth, that helps to restore strength, important people always be by your side, and the inspiration and good mood will never leave you!

And we will do our best to keep you comfortable with us!

The team of Company «Bulgarian Expert».


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