Health insurance in Bulgaria

The policy of a medical insurance is the document without which the foreigner cannot live in Bulgaria. It is impossible to get neither a visa nor a residence permit without the policy, and in addition, this OMI policy is real and the only way to save money if you have to seek medical help in Bulgaria. Although, in principle, the medical services in Bulgaria are inexpensive, it is unprofitable to pay for them entirely out-of-pocket. Therefore, the choice of the policy should be treated with maximum responsibly.

How to choose a policy?

The main mistake made by many immigrants in Bulgaria is the focus on the cost of the policy of a medical insurance. Many believe that the more expensive the policy, the better, and choose the most expensive of all the proposals. In fact, the cost of the policy does not correlate with quality of services. Conditions of compulsory insurance for foreigners practically do not differ in all insurance companies. With regard to the probability to receive a refund of your treatment costs, it depends on correctness of execution of necessary documents.

How to choose a policy? You should know about the reputation of the insurance company you can always find reviews on the Internet. All the insurance companies have identical insurance conditions but some offer additional bonuses to their customers, which greatly make one’s life easier.

For example, the insurance company «Medico-21» has the opportunity to engage Russian-speaking coordinators. Anyone who has ever tried to tell to experts of the insurance company about one’s problems without sufficient knowledge of the language knows how it is difficult. Knowledge of the Russian language by coordinators eliminates misunderstandings and disagreements, and at the same time saves time in the negotiations.

Another advantage of the insurance company «Medico-21»  is the fact that the company works directly with leading medical institutions. This means that you just need to contact the coordinator, when the insured event occurs. No need to seek a doctor, no need to collect documents and to monitor how they are executed. Insurers work directly with medics it is very convenient.

The third advantage of the «Medico-21»  is obvious the price. The cost of the policy OMI is just 125 BGN.

Voluntary insurance

The OMI policy does not include all medical services. You will have to pay for chronic diseases, pregnancy follow-up, preventive examinations. But there is an alternative: the only one policy for foreigners from «Medico-21» on the market of the medical insurance. This policy is useful not only to those who have a residence permit in Bulgaria, but also those who live here permanently and pay for «здравни осигуровки» (health insurance) as Bulgarians. This policy will be the salvation for the elderly and those who suffer from chronic diseases.

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