Why invest in Bulgaria?

The fact that, live and entertain in Bulgaria is well – known, probably, everyone. But what is the situation in Bulgaria with the business? Does it make sense to invest your hard earned money in the Bulgarian economy? These questions are always relevant.
We will try to understand. On the one hand, Bulgaria is a small and not rich country. This means that the market here is too small and, therefore, it may be difficult to find a niche. But it is only at first glance. Because, if you look at the market of Bulgaria, it becomes clear that it is still not very well developed.

This applies to both the range of services and their quality. Bulgarians usually not in hurry and this is evident not only in everyday life but also in business. This leads to disruption of various dates and pretty annoying for the people who have to wait.

This means that the appearance of companies on the market that are ready to provide new services and to provide them quickly (faster than Bulgarian competitors), will certainly be welcomed by potential customers (foreigners and Bulgarian citizens) with enthusiasm.

Open a business in Bulgaria is easy, and the tax rates here are almost the lowest in Europe. This makes the country very attractive for investors.

And one more thing: since Bulgaria is an EU member, Bulgarian company can participate in programs of the European funding. This means that you can get free of charge up to 90% of project cost from funds of the European Union.

The priority areas of funding include:

  • Ensuring small and medium enterprises with machinery, buildings and investment in innovation, including information technologies to improve a competitiveness;

  • The rural development, including the rural tourism development, organization of enterprises producing and processing agricultural products, the sale of energy from renewable sources;

  • Improving the ecology and saving the environment by applying the latest technologies, use a renewable energy, and improve the energy efficiency of the equipment and its environmental friendliness;

  • The development of fisheries and fish products market.

For obtain funding and implement the project you have to write a business plan, to prepare and submit the documents to the Ministry, which is responsible for the implementation of the program, and receive approval of the project. This is a completely legal opportunity to implement a business project in Bulgaria, even with the lack of funds for the investment.