Resolution on long-term stay

This status has recently introduced changes in the «Law on Foreigners in Bulgaria» (ZCHRB) by 28.01.2011 (Article 24). Long-term residence permit is issued for five years and shall be extended on the basis of submitted application. Long-term stay status can cease only when there are the grounds for its termination (ZCHRB st.24g.1 and Article 40)

Obtaining the status of DWA in Bulgaria is possible under the following conditions:

  • A foreigner staying continuously legally in Bulgaria for five years before applying for the status of long-term stay. (ZCHRB Art. 24g.1)

  • In calculating the period of residence the founding stay doesn’t not take into account in Bulgaria (seasonal workers etc.) (ZCHRB Art. 24g.2)

  • In calculating the period of residence for students, trainees and students accounted for half of the time spent in Bulgaria (ZCHRB Art. 24g.3).The student obtains the status of long-term stay needs to stay in Bulgaria continuously for 10 years.

  • Stay in Bulgaria is considered continuous if the period of absence of a foreigner has not exceeded 10 months over five years, of which no more than 6 months can be consistent. (ZCHRB Art. 24g.4)

Possession long-term stay status in Bulgaria has a number of advantages over the status of possession of length of stay (residence permit):

  • assignment of a uniform civil rooms;

  • the opportunity to work in Bulgaria for hire;

  • able to get Bulgarian citizenship;

  • the right to free medical care using NHIF (National Health-Insurance Fund);

  • the right to a pension;

  • free education on par with the citizens of Bulgaria;

  • the possibility of a personal purchase and registration of the car on an equal footing with the citizens of Bulgaria;

  • obtaining loans on an equal footing with the citizens of Bulgaria;