Real Estate in Bulgaria.

Bulgaria has a very large selection of different property as simple for the summer season, and as good-looking investments. For the price of an ordinary apartment in the same Moscow you can buy a full-size apartment in a good neighborhood or a house in the mountains, the forest area or on the beach.           Prolonged exposure can not be compared with a simple tourist trip, when due to time constraints where at the same time you want to visit all places and  not to forget about the sea and various restaurants.When you have your own house, time flows quite differently, because you don’t need to hurry anywhere. Comfortable weather, beautiful natural resources and a variety of interesting places don’t make you tired. This type of vacation you would like to extend as much as possible.

             Having your own apartment with kitchen appliances and even spending the summer with the flights will be cheaper than in Moscow, Kiev, and far better experiments with short-term travels with a stop in unfamiliar places.

               Most of the real estate in Bulgaria is purchased by pensioners, because even on a small pension one can live here. Another category of buyers — it is families with children, because the summers are warm, but not hot, it’s very comfortable in the sea all day long.

               Investments have a variety of real estate options. Sufficient supply of finished commercial facilities: restaurants, shops, hotels, industries. For use in the summer time apartment complex is very attractive on the coast and in the mountains.

            For ordinary consumers there are a lot of different options for the primary and secondary market. However, it should be understood that it’s not suitable for year-round, not all places, because in winter almost no one lives in some coastal areas  except guards.

            When choosing urban real estate you should not immediately rush to the «cheapness.» It is necessary to find out before it is due: to study the documents (without a lawyer it is better not to make any transactions, even if you have experience, there are not a lot of «pitfalls» of real estate in Bulgaria);to see the location and the housing conditions. . Yes, in cities you can buy low-cost housing, the question is whether you really need this area and the apartment in such a house? The offer on the Internet might not look like in reality.

              If we talk about the real price offers for a decent property in the coastal cities, they are approximately as follows: Studio — about 30000evro, 1 bedroom apartment — 45000evro, 2 bedroom apartment — 70000evro, houses near the sea — from 100000evro.

             Buying Property in Bulgaria, as a rule, gives the right to stay in the country up to 90 days in the first half of multivisa. But if in addition the owner is a pensioner or a representative of a foreign company, in this case, you can have a residence permit and stay in Bulgaria for unlimited time. There are other reasons for a residence permit.

             Qualified specialists of our team will assist you in matters of acquisition of real estate, immigration, obtaining a residence permit, citizenship, business and others.

If necessary, we can offer you a variety of real estate options.

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