Remote control of the firms in Bulgaria

       A sufficiently large flow of registering their companies and sales offices in Bulgaria Russian-speaking businessmen due to low tax rates, market development and increasing coefficient of economic freedom in the country.          Not knowing the law of the country thoroughly and subtleties of accounting firms, most owners use the services of accounting firms, which is less expensive and is usually reliable. You enter into a formal agreement with the Bureau,in  which professionals should work !? But how can you make sure that your company is served timely reporting that the authorities have no claims to you, and taxes are paid on time.

      In Bulgaria, there is a special information resource containing the full list of registered commercial entities in Bulgaria with reliable information on them. It is completely available to view registration documents of the company which submitted reports and other data, not only from your company, but in any of the registered company in Bulgaria you can be interested in.

      This is useful when entering into a contract with any entity so that you can find out the position of the firm of your opponent without asking unnecessary questions. Everything is available for viewing in the register!

        It is called «Trade Register», and in Bulgarian — «Trgovski Register».

        So, go to the site, choose a separate vertical menu on the left section «Help» → «Certificate of physical or legal entities «, enter the captcha, EGN of a company or its name, tick the» legal entities «and» turn to the story »→« Search (trsi) «… and all. To view detailed information and documents it’s necessary to click on the name of the company. All that interests you, you can simply download to your computer and print. Therefore, even authorities of  Bulgaria under the laws of the country should not have to request carrying some documents on the company. There is no need to make some copies, worn with a folder of documents to show them to someone. For Russian business it is somewhat surprising that after the registration they receive a sheet of «certificates», and in answer to the question «where is everything else?» – here is the site address  Do not worry, everything will be all right with your firm! Do not believe me? See for yourself!

                                                       Registration of the trade mission of the foreign company in Bulgaria

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