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In the list of grounds for obtaining a Bulgarian residence permit, there is an option "Carrying out entrepreneurial activities with the provision of 10 Bulgarian citizens with jobs" (Art. 24, para 1, sub- para 2 of the Bulgarian Law on Foreigners). This ground is intended for foreign businessmen who opened a company in Bulgaria and provided the citizens of the country with at least ten jobs (10 for each company founder who wants to obtain a residence permit).


The algorithm for obtaining a residence permit is the same as in other cases: first you need to collect documents and obtain a long-term visa at the consulate, then use it to enter Bulgaria, and then, no later than 2 weeks before the expiration of the visa, apply for a residence permit. A Visa D, valid for 180 days, is issued at the Bulgarian consulate in the country of legal residence. Its cost is 100 euros, the processing time is from 30 working days. Residence permit is obtained while already on the territory of Bulgaria. To do this, you need to contact the Migration Directorate of the regional (at the address of residence) branch of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The permit is issued for a year. Two weeks before the end of the term, it is necessary to submit documents for renewal (the list of documents does not change with one exception: a police clearance certificate is not required for renewal). For processing documents you need to pay 10 levs, after obtaining permission, a fee of 500 levs is paid, as well as the issue of a personal card (from 45 levs).
The list of documents for obtaining a visa and a permit is almost the same. These are mainly standard documents:
  • Visa application form with color photo or application to the Migration Directorate.
  • A valid international passport (must expire no earlier than 18 months, counting from the date of submission of documents for a visa) and a copy of its first spread, a page with a stamp about the last entry, a page with a Visa D, when it has already been received.
  • Proof of housing in Bulgaria. For the owners, this will be a copy of the title deed. The tenants provide copies of the lease agreement and address declaration certified by a notary. The signatures of the parties are certified by a notary.
  • A certificate from a Bulgarian bank certifying that the candidate has at least six (for a visa) or at least twelve (for a residence permit) minimum Bulgarian salaries on the candidate's account. In 2020, the minimum wage is 610 levs.
  • Health insurance, valid in Bulgaria, for the entire stay. The amount of coverage for the year is at least 30 thousand euros. Original or copy.
  • A police clearance certificate - for all adults, except for those who do not have citizenship. The document must be translated and legalized. The date of issue of the certificate is no earlier than 5 months before the submission of documents.


Important! Bulgarian citizens hired to work must work full time during the year. If during the term of the residence permit the conditions change - for example, one of the employees leaves, or the work schedule is reduced - the ground is lost. In such a situation, an early termination of the residence permit for the employer is possible.
To this list specific documents confirming a specific ground are added. These documents are:
  • A notarized copy of the registration certificate (issued in the Trade Register) or a notarized copy of the current status certificate, which was issued no earlier than 3 months before.
  • Debt certificate issued by the National Revenue Agency (NRA).
  • A certificate issued by the Bulgarian Tax Inspectorate on employed workers (at least 10 Bulgarian citizens under an employment contract) and additionally a certificate that confirms the current state of existing employment contracts.


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