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Article 24, para 19, sub-para 1 of the Bulgarian Law on Foreigners provides for the possibility of obtaining a residence permit for foreign citizens who have invested at least 600 thousand levs in the purchase of real estate in Bulgaria.
Investors for investments of at least 600
        thousand levs


You can apply for a residence permit only when the amount is paid in full. If the property was purchased with borrowed funds, then the loan must be repaid by more than 75%. At the same time, real estate can be residential or commercial, bought by both an individual and a legal entity: in the second case, the foreigner must own more than 50% of the capital of the Bulgarian company for which the property is registered.

The package of documents required to obtain a residence permit on this ground includes:
  • Foreign passport and copies of spreads with personal data and a stamp on the last entry into the country on a long-term visa D. The document must be valid for another year and a half from the date of submission.
  • Application.
  • Proof of housing. If the apartment is not owned, then a notarized copy of the lease agreement and address declaration will be required.
  • A certificate of no criminal record issued at home or in the country of permanent residence no earlier than 5 months before the submission of documents. It must be translated and legalized. Minors and stateless persons may not submit such a certificate. When renewing a residence permit, a certificate is no longer required.
  • A bank certificate from a Bulgarian bank confirming the presence on the account of an amount equivalent to 12 Bulgarian minimum wages (in 2020 it is 7320 levs).
  • Health insurance for the entire stay, the amount of coverage must be at least 30 thousand euros.
  • A certificate issued by a licensed Bulgarian credit institution on the receipt of an amount of 600 thousand levs or more for the acquisition of real estate in the ownership of a foreigner in Bulgaria or for participation in the capital of a relevant commercial company. In case borrowed funds were used, a certificate from a credit institution is required that the loan has been repaid by at least 75%.
  • Title deed for Bulgarian real estate (in the name of a foreigner or a commercial organization).
  • A statement of the company's expenses for the acquisition of real estate for the period after the amount has been deposited into the company's capital, as well as copies of the sale and purchase agreement, inventory book or depreciation plan, proving the payment of funds, or another document certifying the value and type of new real estate acquired after investing funds.
  • Receipt of the paid fee for the examination of documents (10 levs). Documents 7 - 9 can be omitted if they are published in the database of the Commercial Register of Bulgaria.

  • To obtain a residence permit, you first need to obtain a long-term visa. To do this, you need to contact the Bulgarian consulate in your home country or in another country of legal residence. For a visa, the same documents are required as for a residence permit, the differences are minimal:
  • Instead of an application, you must fill out a visa application form, to which a color photograph must be attached.
  • The amount on the account can be half as much as for a residence permit.
  • The tax is 100 euros.

  • The term for processing documents is from 30 working days. During the validity period of the visa, you must use it to enter the country. Next, you should contact the migration service at your place of residence with an application for a residence permit. This can be done at any time no later than 2 weeks before the expiration of the visa. The documents are reviewed within two weeks. After that, a long-term residence permit is issued for up to a year. The cost of a residence permit for this period is 500 levs. The production of a personal card is additionally paid - from 45 levs (the document will be ready in 30 days). Accelerated (90 levs, 15 days) or urgent (250 levs, 2 days) card production is possible.


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