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Volunteers within the framework of the European voluntary service can obtain a residence permit in Bulgaria for a period during which they will carry out their activities, but not more than one year. This possibility is provided for in Art. 24, para. 1, sub-para. 21 of the Bulgarian Law on Foreigners. In this case, the mark “volunteer” is put in the field “type of permission” on the personal card.


First, you must obtain a Visa D at the Bulgarian consulate in the country of your legal stay. The list of documents for a Visa is the same as for a residence permit, the processing time is 30 working days, the fee is 100 euros. With this visa, the volunteer enters Bulgaria and, no later than two weeks before the end of the Visa, applies to the migration service at the place of residence (the regional office of the migration service is located in the regional police department). Here, documents are processed within 14 days, after which a permit to stay in the country is issued. If necessary, the residence permit can be renewed; this will require the same package of documents, with the exception of a certificate of no criminal record. You need to apply for an extension no more than 2 weeks before the end of your stay.

Obtaining a residence permit takes place in the same way as for other grounds. There are two main differences:
  • The validity of the permit depends on the period specified in the agreement with the host organization, but cannot exceed 12 months.
  • If it is usually required that a foreigner's passport be valid for at least one and a half years from the date of submission of documents, then it is enough for a volunteer that his passport is valid for the duration of his stay in Bulgaria.
  • Foreign passport valid for the entire period of stay in the country, copies of the first page and a double-page spread with a stamp on entry to Bulgaria.
  • Health insurance with coverage from 30 thousand euros.
  • Proof of housing.
  • Confirmation of the availability of funds for living at the rate of one minimum Bulgarian salary per month. In 2020, the minimum salary is 610 levs.
  • A visa application form with a color photo or an application for a residence permit.
  • Certificate of no criminal record in the host country / citizenship, issued no earlier than 5 months before the submission of documents. It is not submitted by minors, stateless persons and when renewing a residence permit. The document needs to be translated and legalized.
  • A copy and original of the agreement with the host organization in Bulgaria. The document must indicate the location, content and duration of volunteer activities.

  • The cost of processing documents is 10 levs. After obtaining permission, you need to pay a fee: 200 levs for 6 months, 500 levs - for a year. The production of a plastic personal card is additionally paid. Its cost starts from 45 levs (production time is 30 days). To receive a card in 15 days, you need to pay twice as much. Urgent production takes 2 days and costs 250 levs.


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