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Services for representative offices

Services Prices Payment
Registration of representative offices of foreign legal Entity by one representative (standard documents) 500 Pay

Registration of a foreign legal entity, with one representative with the legal address (1 year)

600 Pay
Each additional representative to the registered office 100 Pay
Introduction of a new representative in the already registered office in your foreign, company 150 Pay
РThe search of the foreign company that need the representative in Bulgaria and appointing you its representative  750 Pay

Production of the Certificate BCCI services (necessary for visa D and residence permit)

 60 Pay
Getting Help with the tax ( CNE ) on absence of debts representative  50 Pay
Getting Help with the tax ( CNE ) on absence of debts representative ( natural person )  35 Pay
Preparation and submission  of annual financial. Statements of representation, publication of report  75 Pay
Provide a legal address for the representation  90 Pay
Production of the notarial copies of documents(I page)  6 Pay
Help and advice in the preparation of documents for registration of independent trade mission  100 Pay
Legalization and translation of documents (1 page or 1800characters)  25 Pay
Medical insurance for foreigners  65 Pay

Services for representative offices

Service Price Pay

Registration LTD / DTE to a foreign individual (by proxy remotely)

280 Pay
Registration LTD / DTE to a foreign individual (in person) 180 Pay
Registration for VAT 90 Pay

Annual financial service firms, not leading commercial activity. Submission the annual financial report and publishing of static data

120 Pay

Monthly accounting service to a firm not registered for VAT having the agreement

from 25 Pay
Registered firms for VAT having an agreement

a certificate of a current status of the company form

a Chamber of Commerce

from 55 Pay
Registration of sertificates, declarations, and ID cards  20 Pay
Drawing up the documents  for the vehicle and its registration  18 Pay
Openning an account in Bulgarian bank by agreement  100 Pay
Receipt of bank statement  150 Pay
Registration of the housing lease contract remotely by agreement  30 Pay

Assistance in the acquisition and registration  of the real state. Agreement

 300 Pay

Price-list for accounting services.

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