How to obtain the citizenship in Bulgaria by the naturalization? The walkthrough

Obtaining the Bulgarian citizenship is the most important step for anyone who dreams to connect the life with Bulgaria for a long time. There are three main reasons for obtaining the status of citizen of the Republic: the ethnic affiliation, investments and the naturalization in Bulgaria. In addition, outstanding personalities, who have considerable merits to the state, can become citizens of the country.

The easiest way

Obtaining the Bulgarian citizenship by the naturalization is the easiest and most affordable way that does not require any Bulgarian origin, significant investments or any special merits.

Filing of the documentation for obtaining of the Bulgarian citizenship by the naturalization is possible after five years of owning the status of the «permanent residence» or the «long-term residence» in the Republic of Bulgaria. And these statuses (they are usually reduced as PR and LTRP), in turn, can be obtained after five years of a residence in the status of the temporary stay (residence permit).

Thus, to be able to apply for the Bulgarian citizenship you have to live in the country for at least 10 years. Of course, this does not mean that you must sit up in Bulgaria without a break: the law allows absences from the territory of the state during this time.

Who can qualify for the Bulgarian citizenship?

What requirements need to be met to obtain the Bulgarian citizenship through the naturalization? At the time of filing of the documents you need to meet the following requirements:

  • You must be an adult;

  • At least 5 years live in Bulgaria in the status of the permanent residence (have a permit for the permanent stay);

  • Have no criminal record in Bulgaria;

  • Have an income or a profession that will allow for an accommodation in the country;

  • Be at home with the Bulgarian language;

  • Not have citizenship/be willing to renounce your current citizenship at the moment of obtaining the Bulgarian citizenship.

In some cases you can apply after 36 months of the residence in the country in the permanent residence status. It refers to those who:

  • More than 3 years is married with a Bulgarian citizen;

  • Was born on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria;

  • Obtained the status of the permanent residence before age 18.

Required documents

To obtain the Bulgarian citizenship you have to submit documentation to the Ministry of Justice in Sofia. This can be done personally, having been in the Ministry, the reception of documents is carried out every weekday from 9 to 17-30, a lunch break from 12-30 to 13-30. You can reserve the time of a submission on the Ministry’s website at the following address:

The list of documents that you must provide is on the website of the Ministry of Justice of Bulgaria :

  • A statement written in Bulgarian by sample;

  • A copy of the birth certificate (notarized and legalized);

  • The certificate of a permission of the permanent residence (issued no earlier than 5 years before applying for obtaining of the citizenship);

  • The document of no criminal record in the country whose citizen is the applicant. In the case of the permanent residence on the territory of Bulgaria or any other country is granted a certificate of extract from the criminal record from local authorities;

  • Certificate from the Bulgarian Prosecutor’s office about the lack of open proceedings against the candidate;

  • A copy of the diploma about an education that is received in Bulgaria or the certificate of the feeling at home of Bulgarian issued by the Ministry of Education and Science;

  • An employment letter confirming the employment contract or a document from the taxing office on a declared income;

  • Certificates about contributions made by pension/medical provision or a pension certificate;

  • The certificate on absence of diseases mentioned in the Law on Health issued by the medical commission at the place of residence;

  • In case the applicant changed his or her name – a document certifying this fact and prove identity of persons with different names;

  • One relevant photo;

  • The autobiography;

  • A copy of the identity card;

  • A document confirming that the applicant for the Bulgarian citizenship released from their previous citizenship. In the absence of such a document it must be given within 3 years after approval of the candidate to obtain the Bulgarian citizenship;

  • A document about the fee of 100 BGN which paid to the account of the Ministry of Justice.

Important: all documentation must be translated into Bulgarian. When applying, applicants will undergo an interview in Bulgarian with an employee of the Ministry. Only those statements are recorded to which attached all of the above documents. Those who are married to a citizen of the country must also provide a document from the local municipality, confirming the existence of a lawful marriage for at least three years to the date of the application.