The citizenship in Bulgaria by the origin

It is a quite easy to obtain The Bulgarian citizenship based on the Bulgarian descent. The only significant disadvantage of this method is that it is available only to those who have ancestors of the Bulgarians (Bulgarian citizens) or adoptive parents are citizens of Bulgaria.

To obtain the citizenship on the basis of the article 15 of the Bulgarian citizenship Act (by the descent), you must have at least one parent of the Bulgarian nationality or the Bulgarian citizen (including a deceased person), or you must to be adopted by the Bulgarian citizen.

The list of documents required in this case:

  • A statement (molba) written in Bulgarian by sample;

  • Documents confirming the right on the basis, specified in the article 15 of the Law on Citizenship:

    Persons of Bulgarian origin provide a certificate of the Bulgarian origin issued by the State Agency for Bulgarians abroad. It is advisable to attach the documents to the application for naturalization on the basis of which is set the Bulgarian origin of the applicant and issued a certificate of the Bulgarian origin;

    Persons adopted by the Bulgarians provide the documents of the adoption and the official confirmation of the Bulgarian citizenship of the adoptive parents;

    Children of Bulgarian citizens provide documents about the Bulgarian citizenship of the parents (or that the parent died as a Bulgarian citizen).

  • A copy of the birth certificate;

  • The certificate of the criminal record issued by the country of citizenship. In the case of the long-term stay in Bulgaria or in another member state similar certificates from the local authorities are necessary. The certificate must indicate that it is issued to obtain the Bulgarian citizenship

  • If the applicant stays in Bulgaria for a long time – a document from the Prosecutor’s office about the lack of open judicial proceedings for certain offences;

  • The certificate on absence of diseases mentioned in the Law on Health issued by the medical commission at the place of a residence;

  • The declaration by sample;

  • In case the applicant changed his or her name – a document certifying this fact and prove identity of persons with different names;

  • The autobiography;

  •  Photo;

  •  A copy of the identity card;

  •  A receipt for paid duties.

All the documentation must be translated into Bulgarian and certified in accordance with the applicable rules.

The application along with documents shall be submitted personally to the Ministry of Justice and registered at the Directorate «The Bulgarian citizenship». After registration, the applicant shall be informed about the date and time of an interview in Bulgarian.