«Door to BG»

Dear friends,

We offer you a unique chance to increase the number of your customers and clients and to develop your own business with the help of an advertisement in the Russian magazine «Дверь в BG» (“Door to BG”).

The advertisement in the «Дверь в BG» magazine is effective because:

The circulation of the magazine is 20 000 issues.

The magazine is issued monthly, with no interruption during the winter months.

The magazine is in Russian for the Russian-speaking citizens living in Bulgaria.

«Дверь в BG» is a successful combination of useful information and advertisements, which makes the magazine interesting and sought by the readers.

The magazine is distributed free of charge in the big cities: Sofia, Varna and Burgas. The places for distribution are: airports, hotels, restaurants, «Березка» (Beryozka) shops, educational centres, car show rooms.

You advertisement will be placed: in the printed version of the magazine, on the official web site of the magazine www.dverbg.com and in the social networks and ВКонтакте

For long-term advertisers, in case advertisement covering ½ page is ordered, we offer favourable terms:

Publishing for more than 3 months – 10% discount

Developing design in Russian – free of charge!

Separate web page on the site of the magazine www.dverbg.com – free of charge!

Photo and video shoot of you and your services – free of charge!

It is with us that you can order advertisement in «Дверь в BG» magazine with 20% discount!

For more information please call: + 359 897 465 001