The increase in the cost of vignettes in 2016

Without vignette – a special holographic sticker on the windshield of a car you can only travel within the city in Bulgaria. So a buying of this sticker almost always refers to the mandatory costs. In fact, it is this kind of a road tax, as vehicle owners in Bulgaria do not pay other payments (except the property tax). Since 2008, the cost of an annual vignette for cars was 67 BGN. However, it was decided to raise the prices from 2016.

Money for repairs and construction of roads

In early November the government began discussing increasing the cost of the vignettes. Thus the country’s leadership hoped to obtain additional funds for repair of roads and construction of trails that are not covered by the EU funding.

Initially it was assumed that the cost of vignettes for passenger cars will more than double and will amount to 145 BGN. Also considered more «humane» variants with the increased price up to 97 and 120 BGN, but it was expected that road tax will increase to maximum values. Proportionally it was planned to raise the price on other types of vignettes, designed for shorter periods (week and month). Also is planned a new way to calculate the tax for heavy goods vehicles.

Naturally, this news did not cause a joy at drivers. Given that the majority of roads in Bulgaria are far from ideal, not very clear on what actually spent the road taxes all the previous years. And the government could not give any guarantee that the roads will be better after the increase in the cost of vignettes

As a result it has been decided that the cost of the vignette in 2016 has grown by less than 50% to 97 BGN. However, this has not calmed the indignant car owners. People did not think to thank the government that the promised rise in price twice did not happen, and began to organize protest demonstrations.


In all the major cities of Bulgaria were started the protests against the rise in the prices of vignettes. A nationwide protest is scheduled on November 28 in 13 o’clock. People will gather on the square in Sofia and all major towns will host political gatherings and motor rallies against increasing of prices. Information from the organizers of the protest movement for each major city spreads in social networks. The participation in the promotion is open to all vehicles from motorcycles to heavy trucks.

The organizers of the protest say that they cannot allow in Bulgaria, where wages are the lowest in the EU, and the roads are mediocre, vignettes were worth more than in prosperous Switzerland with its beautiful roads and high-wage employment.