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       Becoming a citizen of Bulgaria actually means to be a citizen of the European Union. This right to free movement in Europe without visas with the right to live and work, the protection of your rights as a European citizen, the opportunity to develop their own business, the normal pension, a European education for children, free travel, a different attitude on the part of people in Europe and many other benefits. The passport of a citizen of Bulgaria entitles visa-free entry to all EU countries, Japan, Switzerland, South-East Asia, Latin America, South Africa and many other countries around the world.

Low cost and long delays in obtaining (up to two years — by origin) makes the citizenship of the Republic of Bulgaria of your most valuable investment.

Conditions and procedures for acquiring Bulgarian citizenship defined «Law on Bulgarian citizenship,« which provides for citizenship by birth, the deposit and naturalization.

  By origin: it has the right to the person from whom at least one parent has Bulgarian citizenship, as well as any person who is recognized as a Bulgarian citizen or whose origin is established  by Bulgarian court decision (presence of «Bulgarian roots»).

   In field: it has the right to a person born in the territory of Bulgaria, if you have not taken any other nationality by birth, as well as children, found on the territory of Bulgaria and whose parents are not known.

   Naturalization: has the right to an adult person who has obtained permanent residence or DWA in Bulgaria is not less than five years prior, has not committed criminal offenses during his stay in the country, knows the Bulgarian language, is able to work or support themselves in Bulgaria, released, or will released from another citizenship at the time of obtaining Bulgarian citizenship. (Article 12 of the Law)


Earlier, five years after obtaining permanent residence or DWA (three years) citizenship may get a person who  is married to a foreign citizen not less than for 3 years has a field in Bulgaria, received permanent or DWA to adulthood, received refugee status at least 3 -x years earlier, it has no citizenship and received the status of permanent or DWA not less than 3 years earlier.

 Without compliance with Article 12 of the Bulgarian citizenship a person may get Bulgarian origin, adopting a Bulgarian citizen on terms of full adoption, the person in whom one of the parents — a Bulgarian citizen.

     Foreign citizens may obtain Bulgarian citizenship without the general terms and conditions, if the Republic of Bulgaria is interested in this, as well as in cases where the person has special merits before the Republic of Bulgaria in any areas.

  Details of all the conditions for obtaining Bulgarian citizenship can be traced directly to the «Law on Bulgarian citizenship.» We assist in the establishment and recognition of the «Bulgarian roots» and the citizenship of any of the grounds provided for by the legislation of Bulgaria.

The citizenship in Bulgaria for an investment

The citizenship in Bulgaria by the origin

the citizenship in Bulgaria by the naturalization