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Education in Bulgaria.

         Let’s start with the little ones. If you have received a residence permit in Bulgaria, to arrange your child to preschool is not much of a problem.There are enough Kindergartens in all areas,but it‘s best to register in advance since April, for which there are special electronic lists. If your family has arrived at a study time of year, then it is better to apply directly to the community of your residence, it‘ll be possible to find for a place for your child in the near kindergarten. Payment per month per child is about 25evro,and also for families with many children, single mothers and for the Twins. To receive necessary to have a vaccination card. Payment per month per child is about 25evro, is for families with many children, single mothers and for the Twins. To be accepted it’s necessary to have a vaccination card.

School education in Bulgaria is designed for 12 years. The graduation of the educational process is going to start (1-4cl.) Progimnazicheskoe (5-8cl.) And secondary (9-12cl.) education.

            All teaching in schools is in the Bulgarian language, but common schools with in-depth study of foreign languages,if to take a first-class example, you can choose a Russian, and in the fifth — English. As a rule, the children adapt to the Bulgarian language very quickly.

       Summer vacation starts from 15 June and lasts until 15 September, and this is the time for steady warm season on the Black Sea coast.

     The Bulgarian universities, as well as in the EU, the Bologna system is applied. Education provides a degree depending on the time of study: 3 years — a professional Bachelor’s degree, 4 years — Bachelor’s degree, 5 years — Master, 8 years – Ph.D. Upon completion of training a university is giving diploma of the European sample, operating throughout the world, except the United States and Canada (for these countries require confirmation). In Bulgaria there is also  American University in Blagoevgrad, where at the end they issue the sertificate of the United States. Studying is in English.

             Education in Bulgarian Universities occurs in the Bulgarian language and for admission one passes a simple language test. There are no Exams on paid education, it‘s enough to provide a certificate or diploma (depending on what kind of education), always with a letter from the educational institution that a secondary education is complete, as well as a doctor’s certificate. Bulgarian language is very in tune with Russian, and if you want to learn the spoken version one can learn it within two or three months, taking advantage of the tutorial. Payment for the upcoming training is carried out only after admission to the university and obtaining the relevant certificate of admission. For student to receive immigration visa D and residence permit in Bulgaria, you must also get help at the Ministry of Education and rent a house (dormitory or apartment).

Our company provides assistance in the preparation of documents for the visa and residence permit in Bulgaria. As a rule, after graduation. 5 years having a residence permit, students draw up permanent residence, which gives the right of residence in any EU countries on an equal basis with the citizens of Bulgaria.

View sites of universities and choose the best for you, you can see «Higher education in Bulgaria.»

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