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Accounting services

Accounting services of your company in Bulgaria .

Accounting Bulgaria has its own characteristics due to the rather unusual tax system in the country, the use of VAT accounts, a kind of social schemes, and pension contributions. No matter what for you have opened a company in Bulgaria, for business or just to buy land or a car, in any case, you must submit reports, and in the case of income also have to pay taxes and so-called «osigurovki.»
Opening a business in a country with unfamiliar laws and regulations, including  the fact that you are not a citizen, you must be prudent in the organization of accounting. Sufficiently large fines in Bulgaria does not allow legal persons to neglect it.

However, finding a professional  accountant, is very difficult, and offer shift work — will cost a monthly salary increase. A good alternative — it is a professional services of an accounting office, which saves time and money and minimizes all possible problems of interaction with tax authorities and other institutions.
Our accounting firm «Global Consult» works in the field of administrative and accounting services for over 10 years. Specialists of the company — a team of professionals, which guarantees the confidentiality of your business and a valid partnership. Service does not require your obligatory presence document can be carried out according to the scheme of remote service. Detailed reports about the company can be checked on special electronic resources.
In accordance with the goals of your business, we can carry out the registration of the relevant company, not only in Bulgaria but also in any other jurisdictions, including offshore zones, by planning the taxation and financial policies of the company in the international aspect..

The main types of our accounting services:

1) Subscriber accounting services:
The most profitable for enterprises of all forms of ownership type of accounting service. Signing the contract for the annual subscription service, you get full protection to all institutions related to the analysis and control of the activities of your company.

2) The annual financial statements:
If your company does not engage in any activity during the year, the services of an accountant can be one-off resort at the end of the annual financial period. All legal entities are obliged to deliver annual reports to all authorities in any case.

3) Preparation of financial statements:
If the accountant of your company is not entitled to draw up and sign the annual financial statements in accordance with the requirements of the Law «On Accounting», you can use the service. Our experts will make assured or check the financial statements of your company.

4) Human Resources and Wages:
This service is part of a subscription service, but it is also possible to use separately. If time does not allow your accountant to engage personnel records, salary statements for the manufacture, supply of hospital sheets and declarations in the National Insurance Institute, drafting employment contracts, files on employees, payment orders on transfer of salaries, insurance premiums, etc., we will fulfill these services at a much lower payment for work than you would have had to pay their own accountant.

The cost of our services, see «Services and prices».
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