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Medical insurance

Compulsory medical insurance is well known for all foreigners, so it doesn’t need to have more explanation. But it’s important to note that we offer the best price — 150 lev per year

         Another difficult moment for the foreigners in Bulgaria is paid medical care.

Is it possible to have medical care free of charge for foreigners in Bulgaria ? 

With “Medico- 21” it’s possible!

        Medical insurance Health policy «Medical — 21» gives everyone the right to receive free medical care at leading hospitals in Bulgaria, at the family doctors (JP) and dental clinics included in the list of «Medical — 21»


·Treatment in hospitals in Bulgaria without paying!

· A visit to the doctor at the house!

· Coordinators «Medico-21»: in each hospital, you’ll be  provided a quality service and free consultation by phone.

· Dentistry and Pregnancy at special rates.

No limits!!!

 Social health insurance applies to all people living in Bulgaria, including foreigners

 Our coordinators — hospitals themselves.

For the patient, this means that the insurance company’s economic interest is to opt for a better hospital for doctors — that they no longer receive money «on demand», they have to earn it.

Health insurance, you can arrange directly at our office in Burgas: St.Apostol Karamitev 10 fl.5, office 13 or to order remotely via the feedback form in the Contact section. or phone +359  897 46 5001.

          Please indicate for how long an insurance is required, the purpose of stay in Bulgaria and contact details. We will contact you to fill in the data on insurance and will discuss convenient way of payment and delivery of the policy. 

Rates for health insurance (download)