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Business in Bulgaria

     The maximum and stable profitability of the business — the dream of every businessman. But only the «price issue» in many countries, reduces the willingness and ability of business to a minimum. Currently, Bulgaria is perhaps the most attractive country in Europe for investment in the business. The absence of the tax burden from the state is characterized by the lowest EU rate of income tax — 10%. Bulgaria’s economy today is aimed at free market initiative, increasing the number of private enterprises and the reduction of

the number of enterprises owned by the state.

    Businessmen who transferred their business to Bulgaria, eventually appreciate the resulting high level of economic freedom, the possibility of balanced development, the absence of such concepts as «corruption» and «shadow accounting». In addition Bulgaria has a strategic geographic location, excellent natural resources and more optimistic forecasts of the financial stability of the country compared with other EU countries and the CIS, despite the low standard of living. Index of economic freedom in Bulgaria according to European experts continued to grow gradually. Maybe that’s why some companies in European countries prefer to produce their products in Bulgaria and selling in other EU countries.

     The most profitable acquisition and costs are business, seized by banks from borrowers during the last wave of the crisis. This is particularly true of industrial facilities in areas that are currently booming. Also attractive to investors is the scope of services, construction and tourism. In these areas, according to the National Statistics Institute (NSI) figures of the business climate is stable and slowly increasing.

       If you have plans of moving to Bulgaria, a new organization or buying ready business — this is the right way to achieve the goal.

      We offer you professional assistance in business registrations in Bulgaria, the opening of representative offices, legal advice, accounting and reporting. Any questions can be set in the «Contacts» section. We will be happy to help!