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Categories of short-term visas.

   To apply for the opening of a short-term visa to Bulgaria applicant should be self- defined categories of the requested visas to be consistent with the objective upcoming trip to Bulgaria. Here is a list of currently existing categories of short-term visas . If necessary , we assist in preparing documents for certain types of visas by appointment. For more information please contact us via the feedback form in the «Contact «.

Categories of visas :

  • Property owners — refers to those persons who own property in Bulgaria.

  • Private visit — refers to persons who wish to visit friends or relatives in Bulgaria.

  • Business trip — refers to those persons who travel with a commercial purpose to Bulgaria.

  • Official travel — refers to persons who have the service goal to visit Bulgaria. Usually , it is members of official delegations who receive a formal invitation , and must take part in meetings, negotiations , consultations, exchange programs .

  • Transit — This category of visa applies to those persons who are transiting through Bulgaria , with the final destination of another country . 

  • A visit to the close relatives — refers to persons who have to visit close relatives in Bulgaria is the spouse , parents, children , grandparents , grandchildren , who are citizens of EU or are not such , but legally reside in the territory of Bulgaria and the EU. 

  • Cultural, scientific , sporting activities or training — refers to applicants who are sent with the purpose of cultural, sporting and scientific activities or training in Bulgaria .

  • Unregulated tourism — refers to persons who plan individual tourism and for this purpose is supplied independently prepared documents .                     

          The applicant may also stay in Bulgaria up to 90 days in one half without opening a visa to Bulgaria ( acc. Decision of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria №459 from 03.07.2014g . ) In the following cases :

  • There is a short- acting two or multiple Schengen visa and visa Cyprus , Croatia and Romania .

  • There is a national visa (D ) of one of the Schengen Union or Cyprus, Romania and Croatia.

  • It has a residence permit in one of the Schengen Union or Cyprus, Romania and Croatia.

      The applicant can not be more than that in Bulgaria quantity of days as specified in the visa. Number of days in Bulgaria are not deducted from the visa.

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