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Opening of the representative office in Bulgaria.

Commercial representation of foreign companies in Bulgaria — it is a completely separate division of a foreign company that is not related and not accountable to the company, from which it is formed, and whose interests are represented. Representative office has no right to carry out commercial activities on the territory of Bulgaria. As a rule, sales representative opens formally to obtain the status of residence permit in Bulgaria.

Representation may be organized by the company in any other country, except Bulgaria. Governors may be one or more persons to whom it will be possible to issue a residence permit after the registration of representative offices on the basis of Article 24, item 1, claims 6. «Law of Foreigners in the Republic of Bulgaria (ZCHRB)» as the «representative of a foreign company.» Our company provides services for the registration of foreign businesses in Bulgaria.


  1. Extract from EGRUL / Goog of Standing (Unified State Register of Legal Entities) at the place of registration of the company     in Russia (or another country), not more than 4 months old (that the company really exists at the  moment) — the original scanned copies.

  2. Financial report for the previous and current year.

  3. Reference from  tax inspection about  on the absence of debt.

  4. The decision of a Russian (or other) enterprise to open a representative office (Minutes of the meeting of founders — We give a sample) — a copy and the original.

  5. Power of attorney for the representative (s) of the trade mission to carry out activities on behalf of the enterprise.

  6. Power of attorney for a person who will register a representative office in Bulgaria;

  7. Authorized signature of the representative (s) (Notarized in the Consular Section of Bulgaria in your country, or notary + apostille) (scanned and original) — copy and original.

  8. The rationale for the registration of the Trade Representation is certified by the signature of the director and the seal of the company, and also by a notary.

  9. The work plan of the Trade Mission for the current and subsequent year.

  10. Declarations on the activities of each representative — certified by a notary director of the company.

  11. A copy of the Contract on hiring an office for the Trade Representation certified by the seal of the company.

All types of powers of attorney and applications are certified by the Consular Section of Bulgaria in your country or by a notary, but in this case, apostille (except Russia and Ukraine) and legalization in Bulgaria are required.

Important! You send the ready package to us for direct registration of the representative office and obtaining the necessary documents for the registration of the visa D and residence permit.

          Phase’s registration Representation in Bulgaria:

  1. Translation and legalization of documents.

  2. Registration of representation in the Bulgarian commercial chamber of commerce (7-10 days).

  3. Registration of a representative office in BULSTAT and notarization of the registration certificate (1 day term).

  4. Obtaining a certificate from Bulgarian commercial chamber of commerce (for 3-7 days) for the migration service, (once, valid for 1 month).

The representative office does not conduct commercial activities, but has the right to open its own account with the bank for the implementation of expenses for the Representative Office, but the coverage and accounting of these expenses goes directly to the main company, and not to the representative office.

In spite of the fact that the Representative Office is most often created formally, the Law provides for annual reporting (even zero) to the National Statistical Institute (NSI) and NAP (National Revenue Agency), moreover, an annual financial report in economic publications or the Internet. (Part. 20 of the Law on Statistics, part 24 of the Law on attracting investments, the Law on Accounting and the Law for Corporate Income Tax) Many do not; no strict control yet, but nevertheless, for lack of such a penalty is provided — the first time up to 500 Euros, the second — up to 1500 Euros)

P / S: If you do not have your foreign company and the possibility of its registration, we can pick up a company for you who wishes to have a representative office in Bulgaria and to appoint you as a representative.

Perhaps a significant reduction in prices with an increase in the number of representatives in already existing representative offices of firms — specify prices for a specific moment.

If you wish to register a Trade Representative in Bulgaria, fill out the «Application for registration of the Trade Representative Office», contact us through the «Contacts»  section or in any way convenient for you.

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