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Company registration for foreigners in Bulgaria.

Opening of the company in Bulgaria provides a number of advantages. One of the main — is the right to do business in the entire European Union, including the fact that the income tax is the lowest in Europe. In addition running the company allows you to acquire ownership of land and real estate, goods in installments, to conclude contracts for the purchase of vehicles for leasing, and more, to enjoy a wide range of services on an equal basis with the Bulgarian citizens. 

The most common forms of business registration is a limited

liability company («LTD») and one-man limited liability company («EOOD»), as requirements for the authorized capital in them are minimal (2 leva) and the most simple structure of corporate management. The procedure for registration of the company in Bulgaria, including the opening of an account in a Bulgarian bank, production and printing of firms registered for VAT, if necessary, can take place remotely or at your personal involvement.

180 euro — Company registration for foreign owners!

280 euro — Remote registration of company include taxes of trade register!

         To register it’s necessary:

— The name of the company (2 options in case one is occupied);

— Scanned copy of the passport of the founders and directors of the company, address of residence;

— To determine the size of the authorized fund and distributed among the participants (Statutory fund may be just EUR 1)

— Registration address and permanent address registration of the company (if you do not have an office property in Bulgaria, we can provide the address of our office, it is extra cost 100euro). The company can carry out its activities and have an office in every place in Bulgaria, regardless of the fact that a permanent place of registration can be in any place.

— Power of attorney on our staff, if the registration is done remotely, without your presence (if the power of attorney is not done in the Bulgarian language and certified by the Bulgarian consulate, we will have to do the translation and legalization of the power of attorney – additional expenses from 45 to 60euro);

Advantages of the Bulgarian company:

— Opportunity to conduct business in Bulgaria and the EU.

— You can register a car and other property on the company .

— Possibility to register a land plot on the firm (according to the Bulgarian laws, foreigners do not have the right to buy land in their own name, but the purchase can be registered in a Bulgarian legal entity).

— Possibility to borrow bank loans.

— A company employing 10 Bulgarian citizens (for each founder) is necessary to obtain one of the grounds for a long stay in the country.

After the registration of the company, we provide an extract about the current status of the company, which together with the constituent documents and the seal can be transferred to you in Bulgaria or sent to the address specified by you. Your presence in the entire registration process is optional, if there is a power of attorney for our representative. All the necessary forms we fill out and send to your e-mail.

Also available are ready-made companies for re-registration, registered and unregistered by DDS.

In the future, it is necessary to submit reports on the firm in a timely manner and keep accounting records. You can find our Accounting Service price list in the services section and prices.


The existence of the company does not give the right to obtain residence permit, except when in the company have 10 Bulgarian citizens workers, on full working day for each one foreign founder!

Accounting services of a company in Bulgaria

Business and investments in Bulgaria

If you want to register a company in Bulgaria, fill out «Application for registration of the company», please contact us through the «Contact Us»  section or in any way convenient for you.