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Residence for pensioners in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is an ideal country for its ecology and the abundance of mineral springs for the health and treatment of many diseases.

          Few seniors are aware that Bulgaria — is the only EU country that allows pensioners to obtain residence permits easily, quickly and inexpensively. Such favorable conditions for seniors are  established in a special state program. It does not matter on what basis one has acquired the right for a pension: old-age, disability, superannuation, etc. But there are conditions: the pension shall not be less than the minimum pension in Bulgaria (102 euro) and the pensioner must be provided with housing in Bulgaria own or removable.

A residence permit in Bulgaria gives seniors the right to invite visitors to the country, to issue visas to the Schengen countries, as well as visit some EU countries without a visa to get the future status and permanent citizenship.

          To obtain a residence permit (permit) for pensioners it is necessary to:

— Apply for a visa D at the Consulate of Bulgaria based on «for pensioners’;

— To come to Bulgaria and to obtain permission for residence permit at the Migration Service MBP residence in Bulgaria and to issue personal cards.

          List of documents for obtaining a visa D pensioner can be found in the section of the site «Visa D».

List of documents for obtaining a residence permit in Bulgaria for pensioners:

— An application form of the established sample;

— Foreign passport (original and copy);

— A document confirming the availability of accommodation in Bulgaria — ownership or lease (rental contract can be arranged through us remotely);

— A health insurance policy with a coverage amount of at least 30 thousands euros (we can arrange for you);

— Help on the absence or presence of previous conviction (with translation and legalization);

— A document certifying pensions for the last three months, issued by the authorities of pension schemes (with translation and legalization);

— A copy of pension certificate (with translation and legalization);

— Extract from the account of the Bulgarian bank of the necessary funds to stay — min. pensions in Bulgaria x 12 months ≈1000euro (account can be opened remotely by proxy without the right to dispose of the funds, and the funds transfer payment SWIFT)

Migration Service may additionally request other documents for the issuance of the permit.

Resolution on the residence permit is issued in 2-4 weeks, a residence permit valid for one year and is renewable annually for five years, after which it is possible to issue permanent residence. Citizenship issued after 5 years of residence permit and 5 years permanent residence in Bulgaria, ie after 10 years, if in your situation the conditions are not created that stipulated by the Bulgarian legislation to reduce these terms.

If you want to get a free consultation on the issue of a residence permit as a pensioner, contact us through the «Contact Us»..