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A permanent residence permit 

 A permanent residence permit (permanent residence) in Bulgaria can be obtained while legally residing in Bulgaria for 5 years (in the status of residence permit) or having Bulgarian origin or invest heavily in the Bulgarian economy. Permanent residence is given for an indefinite period (until the end of the period of validity of the passport) and is renewable for free.  The list of grounds for permanent residence is defined in Art. 25 «Law on Foreigners in the Republic of Bulgaria (ZCHRB).» The most common basis for obtaining permanent residence is provided for by the Law of a reasonable period of residence of foreigners with the status with the status of residence permit (for a long stay in Bulgaria). Foreigners with the status of residence permit must  legally and continuously reside in the country for 5 years, there were no less than 30 months during this period, and annually for 5 years get a residence permit from the available grounds (for pensioners, a representative of a foreign commercial organization, implementation business with the creation of needed jobs …)

When you receive a permanent assigned ECN (Uniform civil number) and given a personal card for permanent residence. Family members (minor children and husband / wife) also have the right to permanent residence registration.

The status of permanent residence in Bulgaria has the following advantages:

  • visa-free entry and indefinite stay in the country;

  • the opportunity to work in Bulgaria for hire;

  • Bulgaria apply for citizenship after five years;

  • the right to free medical care using NHIF (National Health-Insurance Fund);

  • the right for a pension;

  • free education for you and your children

List of necessary documents for obtaining permanent residence:

— an application form;

— copy of passport, personal card (if residence permit is available);

— Certificate from the Bulgarian bank on the availability of funds, not less than 6200 levs;

— Notarized Rental Agreement in Bulgaria;

— To provide the document on what basis you get the status of permanent residence (Bulgarian product, 5 years residence permit, marriage);

— Tax 10 BGN;

— Declaration of shelter (filed and children, too)