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Residence permit in Bulgaria

                       The grounds on which a residence permit obtained in Bulgaria are set out in Article 24 of claim 1 of the «Law on Foreign Nationals (ZCHRB).» The most prominent are the following:

— Representatives of foreign commercial companies registered at the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce;

— Retirees, have sufficient funds to stay in the country;

— Implementation of business (you need to register a company in Bulgaria), subject to 10 jobs for Bulgarian citizens;

— Family members of a foreigner who has received a permit for continuous stay in Bulgaria (family reunification)

             Obtaining a residence permit in Bulgaria is possible as a representative of a foreign commercial organization under Article 24, item 1, claims 6. «Law on Foreigners in the Republic of Bulgaria (ZCHRB)» — is the most popular option among those not pensionable age. After receiving the visa D an applicant comes to Bulgaria and submits a package of documents for temporary residence in the migration service at the place of residence, regardless of where the registered office is..

          List of documents for residence permit (based on the Representations):

Statement (ISDB)

— A copy of the passport of the main turning pages with a visa D and stamp the last entry of Bulgaria

— Confirmation housing (notary deed or lease)

— Extract from the Bulgarian bank on the availability of sufficient funds for staying in Bulgaria for a year (it’s now 3200 evro for 1 person)

— Information on the presence or absence of a criminal record (for persons over 18 years old) — it is necessary only at the first registration of temporary residence, in the first year

— Medical insurance for the whole stay (1year) — we help to arrange it on a spot at the lowest rates.

— Receipt of payment of registration fee (payable after the positive decision Migration Service — 14days)

— Certificate CCI of owning a foreign company in Bulgaria, and a copy of the certificate Bulstat