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Studying of Bulgarian

         Taking the decision to move to another country, we are faced with one of the main issues — the study of language.

         Bulgaria — one of the few countries where the Russian-speaking population stay can be comfortable enough due to lack of tangible language barrier. Most of the older generation of Bulgarians speak Russian, because they studied it in school, and at the moment in many schools Russian is studied as a foreign language. Besides the Bulgarian language is very similar in tune with Russian,in writing Cyrillic is also used, many similar words.          

But still, if you’re going for a long time or permanently reside in Bulgaria, to learn the language is still necessary. Kids do it without any problems in the first few months of communicating with the Bulgarian children in kindergartens and schools. Adults, of course, need a little more effort … to someone because of weakened memory, fear to say something in a wrong way, and someone just because of laziness and inability to manage their time.

      Whichever method of learning of the language you choose, the result will depend on your organization, persistence and effort. Due to the decision over time, the study will be a simple and fun activity for you! We have prepared several training options that you can use!

Teach Yourself Bulgarian language (Berlitz course) download

(In the open window, click on the arrow at the top on a black background «download»)

         This is a free method of self-learning the basics of the language, one of the best courses, which consist of printed material and a series of audio lessons, through which you can hear Bulgarian speech and to practice pronunciation. The downside is that you are not able to have live communication when your knowledge is transformed into practical application of the material studied.

On-line studying of Bulgarian (or private studying).

      Time, frequency and intensity of your training is negotiated individually with the teacher. The cost of on-line training is about 10evro / h. The advantage is the possibility of live communication, an individual approach, a flexible schedule. Teachers — are Bulgarian by nationality. Apply for training in any form via the feedback form in the Contact section, specifying the preferred time of day for lessons, days of the week and your contact information.

The courses of Bulgarian in Burgas city

          Training takes place in small groups in two steps (and you can choose one): «entry level» — within one month, three sessions per week; «Elementary level» — within 2 months, three times a week. This method is advantageous since it provides live communication, improvement of the dialogue in groups, monitoring the results on the part of the teacher, the opportunity to ask questions in the ongoing process of learning. Monthly training groups start as they are formed in parallel streams. The cost of 1 month of training — 160 leva (80 euros).You can apply for the next course via the feedback form in the Contacts section, include your contact information and telephone number (required). «Advanced Level» training we offer individually

Project “Introducing Bulgaria”.

       This is a special program for those who would like to «look around» before deciding to move to Bulgaria or who have already moved, but there is little understanding of the many aspects of Bulgarian life. It includes accommodation in a comfortable environment of the central hotels in the city, special tours of the sights of Bulgaria, leisure, consultation with counsel on various issues, orientation course of the Bulgarian language and the full support of our immigration agency in Burgas. The project will last for 10 days, but at the request of a stay can be reduced to 7 days or be extended to 14 days. Read more about the project «Introducing Bulgaria» where can be found here…

Study Bulgarian together with us

We’ll make your stay in Bulgaria the most comfortable!