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Own business in Bulgaria involves annual reporting. This work must be done by an accountant or trustee. If there is no accountant on the staff of the company, then the task can be assigned to a specialist from a third-party company.
Annual financial statements


Previously, non-working companies (“zeroes”) also had to submit all these types of reports, but then only the last two were left for them, and it is now enough for the firms that do not carry out activities to submit them only once. Once the firm starts operating, all reports will need to be filed annually. If you do not submit any of the reports or do it late, you will have to pay a fine. The sums are quite substantial - from 200 to 2000 levs for a report to the "Statistics" and from 500 to 3000 levs for an unsubmitted tax return and Annual Financial Report. If the violation is repeated, the amount of the fine increases.

Trust the professionals For self-filing of reports, you need to have an electronic signature. Also, filling out all the forms correctly for the layman can be challenging. There is a solution - to contact specialists. Qualified accountants of the "Bulgarian Expert" company will correctly draw up and submit all the necessary papers on time. You can concentrate on business development: our specialists will take care of all issues regarding reporting and communication with the National statistical institute, the Trade Register and National Revenue Agency.
Operating companies must submit three types of reports every year:
  • Annual tax return- to the tax office by the end of March;
  • Annual activity report - to the Statistical Institute by the end of April;
  • Annual financial statements - to the Trade Register by 30 June.


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