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Low taxes and a rapidly developing market in Bulgaria attract foreign, including Russian-speaking, businessmen. Not all entrepreneurs are permanently in the country, which means that you need to be able to control what is happening from a distance.
company remote control


Foreign businessmen in Bulgaria usually do not have a thorough knowledge of the country's legislation and the specifics of taxation and accounting. For this reason, entrepreneurs usually turn to accounting offices that provide relevant services. It is profitable and reliable, if, of course, you contact official companies with a g ood reputation. However, for complete confidence it is better to "keep your finger on the pulse" and be able to check the activities of accountants.

How can you be sure that taxes are paid on time, financial statements are also submitted on time and according to the rules, and government bodies have no claims against your company? In Bulgaria, all the necessary information can be obtained on the Trade Register website. It contains a complete register of all commercial companies registered in the country with up-to-date and reliable information. On this resource you can see the registration documents of the company, data on filing reports and other information both for your own company and for any other company registered in the country
It is very comfortable. For example, before concluding an agreement with a Bulgarian legal entity, you can independently check the counterparty and obtain information on it.

The Trade Register website is located at https://portal.registryagency.bg. In the "Registers" menu, you need to select the "Inquiries" section, and then "Information about an individual or legal entity." To obtain information about an individual, you need to enter his name, as well ID number, personal foreign number or date of birth. To get data on a legal entity, you will need a name and company number, Personal Identification Code. Then you need to click on the search button ("Търси!") And get the data, which you can download and print if you want. According to Bulgarian laws, even government agencies should not require the mandatory presentation of company documents - all data is in the public domain and can be easily seen. There is no need to make and certify copies, carry folders of documents with you and present them upon request. For many Russian-speaking entrepreneurs, this scheme of work is unusual, but over time, everyone appreciates its convenience. At any time, from anywhere in the world, you can check the state of your company and make sure that the accountant is doing his job in submitting reports in good faith.


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