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Family members of Bulgarian citizens can obtain permanent residence after five years of legal and uninterrupted stay in Bulgaria. This possibility is provided for by Art. 25, para 1, sub-para 11 of the Law on Foreigners.
Family members of Bulgarian citizens


Family members are considered to be the spouse and children (including children of the partner) living with the citizen of Bulgaria, who have not reached the age of 21 and have not married. In some cases, this category also includes other relatives living with the Bulgarian citizen. These are descendants who live with him over the age of 21, who are unable to support themselves, incl. due to health problems, and in need of care from a Bulgarian citizen; as well as relatives in the ascendant line or other family members who were fully supported by a Bulgarian citizen in their homeland or in the country of usual stay, or because of health problems need the care of a Bulgarian citizen. Such persons are considered family members even if blood ties bind them not to the Bulgarian citizen, but also to his/her spouse.
To obtain a permanent residence permit, you must personally appear at the office of the migration service at the place of residence after 5 years of living in Bulgaria, but no later than two months before the end of the period of legal residence. It is recommended to check in advance with the migration service the period of legal stay in the country. It is not necessary to prove it in documents - all information on this matter will be obtained through official means.
The package of documents for registration of permanent residence on this basis includes:
  • A sample application (can be obtained directly from the migration service or downloaded from the migration service website).
  • Foreign passport valid for at least 3 more months + simple copies of pages with personal data and with a stamp on the last entry into Bulgaria.
  • Receipt for payment of 10 levs - fee for the examination of documents.
  • Proof of housing availability (copy of the title deed or notarized copies of the lease agreement and address declaration).
  • A certificate from a Bulgarian bank about the availability of funds on the account or a declaration of support (for minors or those in need of support).
  • Marriage certificate or birth certificate. If documents are not issued in Bulgarian, they must be translated and legalized. If the documents are issued in Bulgaria and are reflected in the state database "Population", it is not necessary to provide them, the employees of the migration service will find all the information themselves.
  • Medical records showing serious health problems that require care and / or proof of income and support for family members who are not spouses or children under 21 who are not married.

  • The application is processed within two months. If the decision is positive, the foreigner must pay a fee of 150 levs. You should also register with the Community at your place of residence and receive a single civilian number, then report it to the migration service and receive a plastic personal card. Permanent residence is issued indefinitely, but the card is valid for 5 years. After this period, you will need to get a new card. In this case, the fee is not paid again, it is enough to pay for the issue of the document (45 levs, the card will be ready in 30 days).


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