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Foreigners who have merits before Bulgaria in the public and economic spheres, in the spheres of state security, science, technology, culture and sports, as well as in the presence of a clear state interest, can obtain a permit to stay in Bulgaria even if they have no other grounds specified in the Bulgarian Law on Foreigners. This is stated in Art. 25a of the Law.
Residence permit for merits to Bulgaria


What exactly is meant by merit is not explained in the law and by-laws. The availability of merits and their size are determined in each case individually by the minister of the respective region. He also issues a document confirming these merits, for presentation to the Migration Directorate of the regional police department. If you wish, having such a document in your hands, you can get not only the right to reside in Bulgaria, but also Bulgarian citizenship - this possibility is provided for by the Bulgarian legislation.
To obtain the right to stay on this ground, a foreigner must personally submit an application to the migration service at the place of residence according to the sample, to which are attached:
  • receipt for payment of 10 levs for the examination of documents;
  • a foreign passport valid for at least 3 more months and copies of spreads with personal data and a stamp on the last entry into Bulgaria;
  • proof of housing in Bulgaria (it does not have to be owned, a rented apartment is also suitable);
  • a document of merits in the relevant field issued by the competent minister, except for cases related to state security.

Documents, as in other cases, are processed within 14 days. After that, the foreigner receives a residence permit in Bulgaria or a refusal. The term of a possible stay on this ground is not determined by law.


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