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The abbreviation "TRZ" means "labor and salary" in Bulgaria. Payroll, employee relations and paperwork can be outsourced to specialists. This will save money and give you confidence that all documents will be drawn up correctly, in accordance with the Bulgarian legislation.
Human resources department and salary


Starting a business in Bulgaria is easy. At the same time, it is not necessary to maintain your own accounting department - a subscription accounting service will be a much more convenient option for small and medium-sized companies. If the company employs several people, then this service may include the HR department and "TRZ" service. The service can also be used separately, if, for example, you have your own accountant, but he is too busy to take on this area of ​​work.

Why is it better to use the services of an accounting firm? Own bookkeeping is not a cheap pleasure. It is necessary not only to pay salaries to employees, but also to purchase expensive software, pay for numerous seminars and other events related to professional development of accountants. In addition, it is important to remember that accounting errors will ultimately have to be paid for by the head of the enterprise. Turning to an accounting company (in Bulgarian, such an organization is called “accounting house”) to conclude a subscription service agreement, you get all the advantages of your own accounting without its disadvantages. This approach not only helps to save money, but also completely relieves you of the headache related to the company's accounting. The specialists working for the "Bulgarian Expert" company have the necessary qualifications and experience in the Bulgarian realities, as well as the right to sign in Bulgaria.
The service includes:
  • payroll preparation;
  • production of statements;
  • formation of payment orders for the payment of salaries and other benefits to employees;
  • preparation of job descriptions and other documents;
  • work with sick leaves;
  • filing declarations;
  • registration of employees, work with personnel.


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