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When opening a company in Bulgaria, not all entrepreneurs are immediately ready to hire an accountant. There is no need for this - subscription accounting services will be the best option.
Subscription accounting services


Subscription accounting services are the regular provision of relevant services to the company. The list of these services is determined individually and may vary. Usually, an accountant is engaged in accounting and reporting, but it is also possible to perform some additional work.
In most cases, subscription service is a more profitable option than keeping an accountant on the staff. This is the optimal solution for small and medium-sized businesses, individual entrepreneurs, freelancers, and business start- ups. By concluding a subscription service agreement, the company gets rid of the costs of maintaining the accounting department, including the purchase of expensive software. At the same time, all the worries of maintaining accounting and responsibility for miscalculations are shifted to the shoulders of specialists, which allows the entrepreneur to focus on his main activity.

How to choose an accounting company? Of course, the main thing is the professionalism of the accountant. You need a specialist who knows his job perfectly, carefully monitors all changes in his field and knows how to make optimal decisions. Only in this case you can be calm about your finances. It is necessary to be aware that Bulgarian legislation differs from Russian or Ukrainian.
For this reason, when choosing a specialist, one should give preference to people who have sufficient experience in working in Bulgaria. Such an accountant knows all the intricacies of the law, and this can help you save considerable sums. For work, it is also necessary that the specialist has the right to sign in Bulgaria. Another important point is the possibility of communication. If you have recently arrived in Bulgaria and do not yet know Bulgarian well, it is better to choose a specialist who speaks your language. Mutual understanding with an accountant is very important, you cannot do without him. The specialists of the "Bulgarian Expert" company are always ready to advise you on accounting issues - one-time or on an ongoing basis.

The service cost depends on various factors, for example:
  • the number of employees;
  • circulation of documents;
  • the presence of a cash register;
  • organizational and legal form;
  • type of company registration.


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