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According to Art. 25, para 1, sub-para 9 of the Bulgarian Law on Foreigners, foreign citizens who are not ethnic Bulgarians, who were born on the territory of Bulgaria and who have lost their Bulgarian citizenship in accordance with migration agreements or at their own request, and now those who wish permanently reside in the country, can apply for permanent residence.
Obtaining permanent residence after
        losing Bulgarian citizenship


To obtain permanent residence in this case, a foreigner must submit, in addition to the standard list of documents (list below), confirmation of the grounds under Art. 25, para 1, sub-para 9 of the Bulgarian Law on Foreigners.

The following documents act as such confirmation:
  • Birth certificate;
  • Certificate issued by the Ministry of Justice that the applicant is not a Bulgarian citizen;
  • Certificate from the Community of the applicant's place of residence or permanent address in Bulgaria, where he lived before leaving the country, regarding the date and method of leaving Bulgaria.

  • Additionally, a foreigner must provide a standard package of documentation for obtaining permanent residence:
  • A valid foreign passport (it must be valid for at least another three months) with simple copies of the first spread (with a photo) and a page with a stamp about the last entry into the country;
  • A statement from the bank on the availability of money on the account for living without resorting to social assistance in Bulgaria;
  • A copy of the title deed (for homeowners) or a notarized copy of the lease agreement with a notarized copy of the address declaration attached to it (for tenants);
  • Receipt of payment of the fee for the examination of documents (10 levs);
  • A certificate of no criminal record issued in the country of usual residence no earlier than 5 months before filing. Translation and legalization are required. The requirement is irrelevant for stateless persons;
  • Application according to the standard form.

All documents must be submitted to the regional office of the Migration Directorate at the regional police department at the place of residence no later than two months before the expiration of the legal period of stay in Bulgaria. Documents are submitted only in person. First, you need to enter the country on a Visa D. To obtain it, you need the same documents, as well as a health insurance policy for foreigners with coverage from 30 thousand euros. The term for processing the application is 2 months. It can be extended if the employees of the migration service deem it necessary to request any additional documents. After obtaining a permanent residence permit in Bulgaria, you need to pay a fee of 1000 levs and receive a single civilian number in the Community at the place of residence. Immediately after that, you can order a plastic personal card, its cost is 45 levs with a production time of 30 days. Permanent residence is issued indefinitely, but the card is valid for 5 years, after which it will need to be received again.


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