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Foreigners doing business in Bulgaria and certified in accordance with the Bulgarian Investment Law can obtain permanent residence in the country. This is stated in Art. 25, para 1, sub-para 13 of the Bulgarian Law on Foreigners.
Obtaining permanent residence due to
        activities under the investment law


Article 25 specifies that a foreigner who carries out activities for the implementation and / or maintenance of investments, who has received a certificate for class A, class B or a priority investment project, can apply for permanent residence. In this case, the foreigner must hold more than 50% of the shares in the Bulgarian company with the investment, be registered in the Commercial Register as a representative of the company or be hired under an employment contract to perform work required for the purpose of the investment. Depending on the specifics of the investment project, permanent residence in Bulgaria can be obtained by no more than 8 (in some cases, no more than three) people per project.
The algorithm is the same as in other cases: you need to obtain a Visa D, enter Bulgaria with it, and then, no later than 2 months before the expiration of the visa, appear at the regional office of the migration service and fill out an application.
Standard documents are attached to the application are as follows:
  • Foreign passport valid for another three months + copies of pages with personal data and a stamp on entry to Bulgaria.
  • Proof of housing (a rented apartment will do as well).
  • Bank statement confirming the availability of money in the account.
  • Certificate of no criminal record in the country of permanent residence (translation and legalization required). The document must be issued a maximum of 5 months before the submission of documents.
  • Receipt of the paid tax of 10 levs for the examination of documents.

There is no need to confirm the existence of grounds for obtaining permanent residence. Employees of the migration service will receive the necessary certificates directly from the Ministry of Economy by official channels. The two departments constantly communicate with each other, respectively, the Ministry of Economy will be notified of the issued certificates, and the employees of the migration service will find out if any circumstances change, and the ground for obtaining permanent residence will disappear. In this case, the foreigner's right to permanent residence may be revoked.
The term for processing the application is 2 months. After receiving a positive decision, you will need to pay a fee in the amount of 1000 levs and order a personal plastic card, having previously registered with the Community to receive the SCN (Single Civil Number). The cost of making a card is 45 levs, the production time is 30 days. The document is issued for 5 years. Foreigners who have received permanent residence on this ground must, with any change in the circumstances giving the right to receive permanent residence based on Art. 25, para 1, sub-para 13 of the Bulgarian Law on Foreigners, report it. In addition, a declaration of no changed circumstances must be submitted at least once a year.


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