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One of the grounds for obtaining a Bulgarian residence permit is “Representative of a foreign commercial organization registered with the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry” (Article 24, para 1, sub-para 6 of the Law on Foreigners). This option is suitable for those who represent a foreign company in Bulgaria. The law stipulates that the representative office of the company must be registered with the BCCI (Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry). At the same time, a number of specific requirements are imposed on the company, which will be discussed below.
Representatives of foreign companies


First, you need to register a representative office or fit into an existing one. You should obtain the relevant papers in the BCCI. In the country of legal residence, a representative can apply at the Bulgarian consulate for Visa D. The list of documents is given below. Documentation is reviewed within at least 30 working days, it costs 100 euros. If a positive decision is made, the representative is issued a Visa D for 180 days. You need to use it to enter Bulgaria. During the validity period of the Visa (no later than 10 working days before its expiration), the representative must submit documents for a residence permit. This is done in the Migration Directorate of the Regional Police Department. The cost of processing documents is 10 levs. If a positive decision is made, you must pay a fee of 500 levs.

The production of a personal card is additionally paid (from 45 levs for production within a month). Residence permit is issued for a period of one year. It can be extended in the future. For this, documents are submitted to the Migration Directorate of the Regional Police Department no later than 2 weeks before the expiration of the permit. In this case, the tax is paid again, the list of documents is the same as for the first time (the only exception is a police clearance certificate, which does not need to be received and resubmitted).
List of documents for obtaining a visa and residence permit on this ground:
  • Completed application form for a visa / residence permit. In the first case, a color photo is attached to the questionnaire.
  • Foreign passport (it must be valid for at least another year and a half from the date of submission of documents), a copy of the first spread and a spread with the stamp of the last entry into Bulgaria.
  • A copy of your personal card - only for renewal.
  • A notarial deed confirming the ownership of the property. Those who rent a home must provide a lease agreement and a declaration of address - notarized copies.
  • Certificate from a Bulgarian bank about the availability of funds in the account. For a visa, you need 6 minimum Bulgarian salaries (in 2020 - 3660 levs), for a residence permit - 12 - (in 2020 - 7320 levs).
  • Health insurance for a period of stay with coverage of at least 60 thousand leva. The policy must be valid on the territory of Bulgaria.
  • Police clearance certificate (not relevant for stateless persons), valid for at least another month from the date of submission of documents.
  • Representative certificate issued by the BCCI. The document is valid for one month, it is recommended to receive it last.
  • BULSTAT certificate, also issued not earlier than one month before submission.
Residence permit in Bulgaria Important
Important: It is impossible to obtain a certificate without providing all the necessary documentation. Moreover, the BCCI immediately notifies the migration service of all changes in the circumstances of the registration of representative offices: the representative whose services the parent company has refused loses the right to stay in Bulgaria.


The Chamber of Commerce and Industry registers representative offices and issues certificates only if a number of conditions are met. In particular, by the time of registration of the representative office, the head commercial organization must work for at least two years and regularly pay taxes, and can have no more than three commercial representatives in Bulgaria. At the same time, representative offices cannot conduct commercial activities - only study the market, look for potential customers, advertise their company, etc.
To register with the BCCI and obtain a certificate required to apply to the Migration Directorate, a representative must have such documents as:
  • extract from the state register of registration of a foreign company;
  • certificate of absence of debts (even minimal!) on taxes and fees;
  • confirmation of the company's financial activity over the past two years;
  • work plan for the next year. The documents must be translated into Bulgarian.


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