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Holders of a residence permit in Bulgaria do not always have the right to work for hire: some reasons do not allow this possibility. For those who want not only to live, but also to work, there is a “Single permit for stay and work” . This ground is provided for in Art. 24i of the Bulgarian Law on Foreigners.
Single permit to stay and work in Bulgaria


A single permit can be obtained by foreigners who meet the requirements for gaining access to the Bulgarian labor market, as well as having a Visa D or a permit to stay in the country on another basis. In the plastic card of the permit in the field “type”, “only permit for stay and work” is indicated.

First stage: obtaining a permit from the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy The permit is issued by decision of the authorities of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy for one year or for the duration of the employment contract and can be extended if there are grounds for this.

Second stage: obtaining a Visa D with a copy of the decision of the Employment Agency, a foreigner must apply to the Bulgarian consulate in the country of his legal stay. In addition to a copy, you will need a standard package of documents - an application form, a copy of a passport, health insurance, proof of housing and funds, a certificate of no criminal record.

Third stage: obtaining a residence permit Having entered Bulgaria on a Visa D, you must contact the regional office of the migration service to obtain a single permit. In this case, a fee of 110 levs and a fee for issuing a plastic permit card (from 45 to 250 levs) are paid. After receiving the card, you can start working. In this case, within a week, the employer must notify the territorial department of the executive agency "General Labor Inspectorate" about the start of the foreigner’s work.

To obtain a permit, the employer must contact the regional directorate of the Bureau of Labor and provide the following documents:
  • Application according to the sample form.
  • Justification why it is necessary to hire a foreigner.
  • Documents on education, specialty, professional qualifications and experience of a foreign worker - translated and legalized. Teachers, lecturers, artists, athletes and coaches (subject to certain conditions) do not need to provide such documents.
  • A copy of the foreigner's passport (spread with personal data).
  • Declaration of foreigners from third countries already employed by the company, hired under an employment contract.
  • Declaration on foreigners employed by the company from other EU countries.
  • Declaration that the working conditions and salary of the foreign worker will be no worse than those of the Bulgarian colleagues.
  • Other documents as required (licenses, certificates, etc.).
  • A copy of the fixed-term employment contract certified by the employer and a copy of the job description.
  • Document on compliance with the conditions for the implementation of professional activities under the so-called "regulated professions" (doctors, lawyers, etc.)

  • The decision to grant the Single permit for stay and work is made at the Bulgarian Employment Agency within 20 days after the employers have submitted the application. If some documents are missing or do not meet the requirements, errors can be eliminated within 15 days. The cost of the permit is 100 levs. You must renew your permit no later than 30 days before the expiration of the previous one. Otherwise, you must go through the entire procedure again. With all extensions, the permit cannot be issued for more than three years. There are the following exceptions to this rule:
  • Foreigners whose work in Bulgaria is related to the implementation of international treaties, one of the parties to which is Bulgaria.
  • Guest lecturers, teachers, lecturers.
  • Performing artists.
  • Athletes, coaches in sports clubs.

  • In case of early dismissal of a foreign worker, the employer must notify the Employment Agency within three days. In case of early termination of work or after reaching the maximum period of work under the Single permit for stay, a foreigner can gain access to the Bulgarian labor market only after a three-month break.


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