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A Bulgarian residence permit may be required for anyone who wants to stay in the country for a long time. What is required to obtain this status? Consider on what basis you can move.
Residence permit in Bulgaria
Anyone who plans to stay in Bulgaria for more than ninety days in half a year or move here to live, you need to apply for a residence permit, i.e. temporary residence. Without this status, it is impossible to obtain permanent residence and citizenship: the only exception is persons of Bulgarian origin who have received an appropriate certificate from the Agency for Bulgarians Abroad.

To obtain a residence permit, you must enter the territory of Bulgaria on a long-term visa (type D). In turn, both for obtaining such a visa and for obtaining a residence permit, a ground is required. The list of such grounds is presented in the Law on Foreigners in Bulgaria. Who will find it easiest to get a residence permit in the country? The law provides for this opportunity for various categories of foreigners. Let's consider various options.
You need to find a job in Bulgaria, conclude an employment contract and obtain a special permit issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Politicy.
They must reside in the country on the basis of international agreements, one of the parties to which is Bulgaria.
Representatives of firms registered and operating in other countries. The company must register a representative office with the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. According to the law, one representative office must have no more than three people, it is necessary to report annually on its activities and provide documents about the parent company.
This ground is intended for those who, for health reasons, need the constant care of qualified medical personnel and have sufficient financial resources for their treatment and services so as not to burden the local social security system.
It is necessary not only to receive a pension, but also to prove the availability of funds for living in the country. The amount of the pension must be no less than in Bulgaria, or there must be proof of the availability of funds in the bank account.
In this case, it is necessary to obtain permission from the Ministry of Justice or a positive opinion from the Department of Religious Affairs.
Family members of a Bulgarian citizen can apply for a Bulgarian residence permit, whose documents certifying family ties are issued abroad.
Foreigners who have invested in economically unfavorable regions of Bulgaria may, according to Art. 24, para 1, sub-para 20 of the Law on Foreigners in Bulgaria apply for a residence permit.
A permit for a long stay (up to 9 months) can be obtained from the migration service at the regional police station.
Family members of foreign citizens who have received temporary protection, humanitarian status or asylum in Bulgaria can apply for a residence permit on the basis of Art. 24, para 1, sub-para 22 of the Law on Foreigners in Bulgaria
In accordance with Art. 24, para 1, sub-para17 of the Law on Foreigners in Bulgaria a residence permit in Bulgaria can be obtained by persons who are under special protection of the state. The right to this protection can be obtained in accordance with the Law on Combating Trafficking in Human Beings.
Foreign owners of companies carrying out legal commercial activities in the country can apply for a residence permit if during their residence in Bulgaria they create at least ten permanent jobs for the citizens of the state (for each founder).
Foreign citizens who have grounds for obtaining a permanent residence - permanent residence in Bulgaria.
In this case, you need to prove your financial security.
You must have accreditation in Bulgaria.
who was given permission to live in Bulgaria (temporarily, for a long time or permanently), as well as a foreigner who received international protection. In this case, the fee for obtaining a residence permit is lower than for most other categories.
Freelancers must prove their education and pass a language exam to obtain a permit to operate in Bulgaria. This permit is the basis for staying in the country.
Scientific workers who have entered into an agreement for the development of a research project with a research organization in Bulgaria can obtain a residence permit in the country in accordance with Art. 24b of the Law on Foreigners in Bulgaria.
Volunteers within the framework of the European voluntary service can obtain a residence permit in Bulgaria for a period during which they will carry out their activities, but not more than one year.
Article 24, para 19, sub-para 1 of the Bulgarian Law on Foreigners provides for the possibility of obtaining a residence permit by foreign citizens who have invested at least 600 thousand leva in the purchase of real estate in Bulgaria.
The Bulgarian law on foreigners provides for obtaining a residence permit by university students; pupils (secondary education) in the framework of exchange programs; persons who plan to train in Bulgaria.
For those who want not only to live, but also to work, there is a “Single permit for term-stay and work”.
Thus, the law provides for many opportunities for obtaining a residence permit status. At the same time, there are many nuances. In practice, on some grounds it is easier to obtain a residence permit in Bulgaria than on others.

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