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Tax consulting is the most demanded service for businessmen in any area. Timely advice from a competent accountant will help you avoid unnecessary expenses and not accidentally break the law.
Tax advice


Any entrepreneur, because any entrepreneur in Bulgaria will one way or another face tax legislation. It can be difficult to understand all the nuances and subtleties, especially in a foreign language. Often, due to ignorance of the terminology or incomprehensible formulations, people lose money and incorrectly calculate the amount of tax payments. It is easy to avoid such difficulties - you just need to contact a specialist in time. It is important to take into account that this should be exactly a Bulgarian specialist who is well aware of local laws and regulations, constantly improving his qualifications and having sufficient work experience. Knowledge of the Russian language is an additional plus: with such an accountant you can easily reach mutual understanding.

We offer consultations to both managers and accountants of enterprises in Bulgaria. Depending on your situation, you can receive oral advice (necessary to understand a particular law, regulation, requirement) or written (if you need to write a letter, a request to the NRA with links to regulatory legal acts). Depending on the specifics of the issues, the consultant can give an answer immediately or prepare it within a predetermined period. Contact the company "Bulgarian Expert", and we will help you save on taxes!
Employees of the company "Bulgarian Expert" provide all types of tax advice, including:
  • Consulting on current issues. We are ready to help you at any stage of planning or running a business. You can apply for advice on a specific transaction or for its preliminary analysis. We will show you how to properly prepare the documentation to minimize the tax burden.
  • Preparation for inspections. We will help you to arrange reporting in the event of a regulatory audit.
  • Contacting the tax office (NRA). Communication with NRA employees can be a difficult test for an entrepreneur. It can be difficult for a specialist to correctly formulate a request or understand what exactly is required of him. We will help you come to an understanding with tax officials, as well as advise how best to write and send a request to the competent authorities in a disputable situation.
  • Business and tax planning. We will advise you on how best to organize your company's activities in your case to minimize the tax burden. Our extensive experience in various industries allows us to advise on business models in various areas.
  • Tax disputes. We help our customers to assert their rights in controversial situations in communication with NAP employees. Our employees will monitor the correct execution of documents, help to draw up explanations and represent, if necessary, your interests in court.


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