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The Bulgarian Law on Foreigners provides for several possibilities for granting permanent residence to foreigners for investment in the country's economy. One of them is provided for Art. 25, para 1, sub-para 7 of the Bulgarian Law on Foreigners.
Permanent residence in Bulgaria for
        investments in a credit institution


To obtain a permanent residence, you must enter Bulgaria on a long-term visa (obtained at the Bulgarian consulate, costs 100 euros, the list of documents is the same as for obtaining permanent residence + medical insurance) and contact the regional office of the Migration Department at the place of residence with the appropriate statement.
an amount of 1 million levs and more can be deposited by a foreigner in a licensed Bulgarian credit institution under a trust agreement for a period of at least 5 years, and during this period the deposit must not be used to secure other monetary loans in Bulgaria.

The following documents will be required:
  • A valid foreign passport and copies of its spread with personal data and a page with the stamp of the last entry into Bulgaria. The passport should expire no earlier than 3 months from the date of submission of documents.
  • A statement from the bank on the availability of funds on the account allowing you to live in Bulgaria without resorting to social assistance.
  • Receipt of payment of the fee for the examination of documents (10 levs).
  • Certificate of no criminal record at home or in the country where the applicant lives. The document must be translated into Bulgarian and legalized, its validity period is 6 months.
  • Document confirming the availability of housing in Bulgaria (own or rented).
  • Confirmation of the ground - the investments made.
The latter document can be requested by official means directly in the Investment Agency. The duties of a foreigner include immediately informing the Agency about changes in the circumstances that became the grounds for issuing permanent residence, as well as annually (until December 1) declaring the absence of such changes. This information is displayed in a special register. Before applying for a permanent residence, a foreigner must submit to the Agency the original of a valid agreement with a licensed credit institution on trust management for at least 5 years (the official will make a copy of it himself) or a certificate from the relevant credit institution on the concluded agreement on trust management. It should be borne in mind that the Investment Agency will immediately inform the Migration Service of all changes in circumstances. Thus, if the ground for permanent residence disappears, the status can be canceled. You need to apply for permanent residence at least 2 months before the end of the legal stay in Bulgaria. During this time, a decision will be made regarding the residence permit. If it is positive, then in the Community at the place of residence, the foreigner can get the SCN (Single Civil Number), and then order a plastic personal card of the holder of permanent residence from the migration service. Issue time - 30 days, cost - 45 levs. The card is granted for 5 years and then renewed.


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