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A Trade Representation of a foreign company in Bulgaria is a completely separate subdivision of a foreign company, formed to advertise the company it represents. The Trade Representation does not have the right to carry out commercial activities on the territory of Bulgaria. As a rule, the Trade Representation gives the basis for obtaining the status of a residence permit in Bulgaria by foreign citizens.
Регистрация торгового представительства
Trade Representation registration Urgent registration in all instances at no additional charge (5 days).
A Trade Representation can be organized from a firm in any country other than Bulgaria. The manager may be one or more persons on whom it will be possible to issue a residence permit after registration of the Trade Representation on the basis of Article 24, para 1, sub-para 6. "Law on Foreigners in the Republic of Bulgaria" as a "representative of a foreign company". Our company provides services for the registration of Trade Representations of foreign commercial enterprises in Bulgaria and the subsequent preparation of documents for obtaining a residence permit by its representatives. The accreditation process for a Trade Representation consists of the following stages:


  • An extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities (Unified State Register of Legal Entities) issued not more than 2 months ago, confirming the existence of the company at the moment. In different countries, this document may be called differently (Current status / Good of standing) (original)
  • Certificate from the tax office about the absence of debt (original)
  • Annual balance sheet and statement of financial results for the last two years, signed by the director and stamped by the firm. (You can replace it with a declaration - we will give you a form for signature at a notary or at the Consulate)
  • Decision of a foreign company to open a Trade Representation (Minutes of the meeting of founders or decision of the owner - we will prepare it) (original)
  • Foreign and internal passport of the Company’s Director (scanned copy).
  • Foreign passport of the representative (s) of the future Trade Representation (scanned copy)
  • Power of attorney from the Company’s Director for representatives (we will it prepare, and you will sign it at the BG embassy or at a notary) (original)
  • Power of attorney for our lawyer who will register the Trade Representation (we will prepare, and you sign it at the BG consulate or at a notary) (original)
  • Samples of representatives’ signatures (we will prepare, and you will certify them at the BG consulate or at a notary)
  • Justification for opening a Trade Representation in Bulgaria (Prepare yourself or order from us)
  • Work plans of the Trade Representation for the current and next year (Prepare yourself or order from us)
  • Declarations on the activities of representatives per Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry sample with the signature of the director and the seal of the company (we will prepare) (original).
  • A copy of the lease agreement for the Trade Representation office, which is certified by the signature of the company’s director and the seal. * Since recently, we have not provided a legal address, since in connection with the new rules of the Chamber of Commerce, each Trade Representation must have a separate legal address. If there is more than one Trade Representation at one address, the certificate is not issued. And without this certificate, it is impossible to obtain a D visa and residence permit.
  • Application per Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry sample (we will prepare).

  • All types of powers of attorney and statements are certified by the Consular Department of Bulgaria in your country or by a notary, but in this case apostille (except for Russia and Ukraine) and legalization in Bulgaria are required.      You send the finished package to us for the direct registration of the Trade Representation and obtaining the documents necessary for getting a D visa and residence permit.


The Trade Representation does not conduct business activities, but has the right to open its own account with a bank for the purpose of carrying out expenses related to the Trade Representation, but the coverage and accounting for these expenses is done directly in the main company and not in the Trade Representation.
Despite the fact that the Trade Representation is not a taxpayer in Bulgaria, the Law provides for annual reporting (even zero) to the National Statistical Institute (NSI) and publication in the Trade Register of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry; in addition, Trade Representations are required to publish the annual financial statements in economic publications or on the Internet. (Part 20 of the Law on Statistics, Part 24 of the Law on Investment Raising, the Law for Accounting and the Law for Corporate Income Tax) Many do not do this, because there is no strict control yet, but nevertheless, in this case the legislation provides for a fine, regardless of when it turns out.
P / S: If you do not have your own foreign company and the possibility of registering it, we can select for you a company that wishes to have a Trade Representation in Bulgaria and propose your candidacy for your appointment as a representative.
A significant decrease in prices is possible with an increase in the number of representatives in already existing trade representations of firms - check prices at a specific time.

If you wish to register a Trade Representation in Bulgaria, fill out the "Application for Trade Representation registration", contact us through the «Contacts»   section or in any way convenient for you

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