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Family members of a foreigner legally residing in Bulgaria can, on this basis, obtain a residence permit in the country.
Family members of a foreigner


Article 24, para 1, sub-para 13 of the Bulgarian law on Foreigners provides for such an opportunity for spouses and minor children of foreigners who have received a permit for continuous residence, long-term, permanent residence in Bulgaria. Also, on this grounds, guardians and minor children under guardianship can apply for a residence permit. It should be noted that after reaching the age of 18, the child is no longer considered a member of the family of his/her parents and cannot obtain a residence permit on this grounds.

List of documents:
  • International passport + copies of the first spread and a page with a mark about crossing the border at the last entry into Bulgaria. The passport must be valid for at least another 18 months.
  • A document confirming the availability of housing in Bulgaria - a copy of a notary deed or a lease agreement with an address declaration.
  • A certificate from a Bulgarian bank on the availability of funds in the account (in 2020 for a visa the amount is from 3660 levs, for a residence permit - from 7320 levs). If we are talking about a child, then the certificate is provided by the parent who reunites with the child. Additionally, a declaration is drawn up, in which the parent undertakes to pay all the expenses of the child. Similarly, you can not open a separate bank account for your spouse, but provide a bank statement of your account and a declaration.
  • A certificate of no criminal record issued no earlier than 5 months before filing. Translation and legalization are required. Minors and stateless persons do not submit such a certificate.
  • Health insurance for foreigners for a year, the amount of coverage is at least 30,000 euros.
  • Completed visa application form (with photo) or application for residence permit.

  • In addition to the standard list, proof of justification must be provided:
  • Notification issued by the Migration Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria on a positive decision on family reunification (copy).
  • A copy of the personal card of a foreigner legally residing in the country with whom reunification is required.
  • Parental consent declaration (notarized copy) - when reuniting with a child.
  • Confirmation of blood relationship - notarized copy, translation and legalization are required. It can be:
  • Marriage certificate - for spouses;
  • Birth certificate of a child under 18 years old - for children.


To obtain a residence permit, you must first apply for a Visa D, this is done at the consulate in the country of legal stay. Documents are considered from 30 working days, the fee for consideration is 100 euros. Then you need to enter Bulgaria on this visa and during its validity period (but no later than 2 weeks before its expiration) apply for a residence permit. In both cases, the same documents are required. They are reviewed within 14 days, the cost of consideration is 10 levs. After obtaining permission, you need to pay a fee of 500 levs and issue a personal card (from 45 levs for production within a month). If desired, the status can be extended: the extension differs from the initial filing only in that you do not need to provide a certificate of no criminal record, but you will need to make a copy of your personal card. A foreigner living in Bulgaria and wishing to reunite with his family prepares documents in advance and receives a permit from the Migration Directorate.
It should be provided in advance that when the lease agreement is drawn up, all family members are included in the agreement - with the right of permanent residence. A separate package of documents is drawn up for each family member and a separate permit is obtained. It is necessary to translate and legalize documents of blood relationship into Bulgarian, and copies of the lease agreement, address declaration and other documents must be certified by a notary. With this package of documents, a foreigner who has received a residence permit, long-stay residence permit or permanent residence must apply to the Migration Directorate of the regional police department at the place of residence. This can be done at any time after receiving a personal card. The application is processed within one month, after which a permit is issued, with which the reuniting spouse or child must apply to the consulate in his/her country of residence.

To obtain permission you will need:
  • Copies of the reuniting persons’ foreign passports;
  • Documents confirming blood relationship;
  • If we are talking about a child - a notarized statement of consent from the second parent.


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