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Art. 24, para 1, sub-para 9 of the Bulgarian Law on Foreigners provides for the possibility of issuing a residence permit to correspondents, camera operators and other workers of foreign media. To use this ground, a media outlet must in advance contact the Bulgarian consulate in the country of its registration to obtain accreditation from the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for employees in Bulgaria.
Foreign Media Correspondents


First, you need to apply to the consulate for a Visa D, then enter Bulgaria with it, and then apply for a residence permit at the regional department of the migration service. The validity period of such a Visa is 180 days, for a residence permit you need to apply no later than two weeks before the end of this period. A residence permit is issued for a year, in the future it can be prolonged. To do this, you need to contact the migration service again with the same package of documents. This must also be done a maximum of 10 working days before the end of the term of legal stay in the country.

The algorithm for obtaining a residence permit is the same as in other cases:
  • Passport, valid for at least another 18 months from the date of filing, a copy of the first spread and a spread with the stamp of the last entry into the country.
  • When renewing a residence permit - a copy of a personal card.
  • Completed application form (for visa - with color photo) or application.
  • Rental agreement and declaration of address (documents must be certified by a notary). For owners - a copy of the title deed.
  • Proof of funds. An account in a Bulgarian bank must contain from six (for a visa) to twelve (for a residence permit) minimum Bulgarian salaries. In 2020 it is 3660 and 7320 levs, respectively.
  • Health insurance with coverage from 60 thousand levs.
  • Police clearance certificate (exceptions - stateless persons, minors) issued no earlier than 5 months before the date of submission of documents. Applicable only for a visa and residence permit for the first time.
  • Accreditation document issued by the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry. The documents are prepared for each media employee separately. If it is not possible to open an account in a Bulgarian bank, it is recommended to check with the consulate which bank certificate they can accept. The cost of a visa is 100 euros. The cost of a residence permit: 10 levs for consideration, 500 levs for a permit as such and from 45 levs - the cost of producing a card within 30 days. If the card is needed more urgently, it can be produced in two weeks - it will cost 90 levs. For 250 levs you can get the card in 2 days.


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